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Impact of General Data Protection Regulation on Storage Systems

sponsored by IBM Published: 31 May 2017 White Paper

Examine the impact the GDPR will have on your storage systems, and learn to mitigate the risk of data breach from uncontrolled access with media-level data encryption for flash and legacy storage media, ...

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EU General Data Protection Regulation

sponsored by MarkLogic Published: 15 Nov 2017 Video

This webcast covers the importance of understanding the GDPR, and steps you can take to comply with the new regulation, with the use of a database that integrates data better and faster, and that's cost efficient.

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The EU General Data Protection Regulation

sponsored by Oracle Cloud Published: 06 Apr 2018 Webcast

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) gets a lot of buzz for what it will do for data privacy – but how much do you really know about what it means? Download this webcast to learn more about different ...

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Preparing for the General Data Protection Regulation

sponsored by Fortinet, Inc. Published: 26 Oct 2017 White Paper

Gain a stronger understanding of GDPR compliance and implications for your network security.

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Understanding the General Data Protection Regulation

sponsored by Evident Published: 22 Feb 2018 Resource

The primary purpose of GDPR is to protect personal data. To avoid stiff GDPR penalties and ensure your data is protected, your business will need to spend a great deal of time assessing and planning to implement ...

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Dealing With EU Data-Protection Regulation

sponsored by BT Published: 28 Feb 2017 White Paper

As the digital world continues to grow, more people are paying close attention to what happens to their data. This resource offers insight into securing data for the upcoming GDPR as well as recommendations to help...

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New Data Regulations: Is Your Business Compliant?

sponsored by Brennan IT Published: 18 Jun 2018 White Paper

Businesses like yours are responsible for keeping up with new data protection requirements, at the risk of steep fines and worse. Stay informed – review the key takeaways and stipulations from the latest batch of ...

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Managing Medical Data and Developing a HIPAA-Compliant Storage Plan

sponsored by Pure Storage Published: 27 Aug 2015 eGuide

This expert guide provides tips on managing, storing, and protecting healthcare data in ways that will help you meet regulations and compliance.

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Cloud Storage for Primary or Nearline Data

sponsored by SearchStorage.com Published: 24 Oct 2011 eGuide

Learn about cloud storage options for primary/nearline storage. We'll cover the pros and cons of using cloud storage, describe new technologies that help bridge the gap between physical data center resources and ...

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Storage Data Migration... Simplified

sponsored by Cirrus Data Solutions Published: 17 Aug 2017 White Paper

This white paper explores a system designed for, and only for data migration. Click inside and explore the core features of this program. Specifically, how it can simplify the steps in the migration process while ...

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