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Is DevOps the best approach to software development?

By Robert Bamforth 11 Jun 2018

A DevOps model builds on an agile approach to software development, but a different approach to tooling is needed Read More

DevOps researchers shine light on toll that outsourcing takes on productivity of software developers

By Caroline Donnelly 30 Aug 2018

DevOps teams that use cloud and open source software tend to be higher performers, while organisations that outsource portions of their software development processes tend to be less productive, 2018 Accelerate ... Read More

Software development is not the only place where DevOps-style optimisation might be useful

By Rob Bamforth 02 Aug 2018

Too much of IT focuses on the importance what is measured, rather than measuring what's important Read More

DevOps development is a software developer's burden

By Cameron McKenzie 11 Jul 2017

The committed use of a continuous delivery pipeline inevitably puts a far greater onus on the software developer than systems that used more traditional methods of moving code into product. A ... Read More

What is DevOps-as-Code?

By Adrian Bridgwater 04 Jan 2019

DevOps is a portmanteau (of developer and operations, obviously)... and DevOps is a workplace culture, an approach, a software development and release orchestration concept, a movement even. So ... Read More

Build up a DevSecOps pipeline for fast and safe code delivery

By Stuart Burns 09 Apr 2019

It's all well and good to automate the software build process, but without proper security practices in place, the DevOps pipeline can lead developers to deploy compromised code. Read More

New DevOps Akamai products aim to court software developers

By Valerie Silverthorne 27 Oct 2017

Akamai is practically a household name on the operations side, but now the company is going after the developer space with new DevOps-friendly products. Read More

Why security in DevOps is essential to software development

By Brenda L. Horrigan 05 Apr 2017

DevSecOps: It's not just a cool new buzzword; it's the future of software development. Learn why as well as how to achieve better security in the development process. Read More

Top 10 developer stories of 2018

By Cliff Saran 21 Dec 2018

Thanks to DevOps, the need for businesses to develop software more quickly and a thriving open source community, 2018 has been a good year for developers Read More

Automate the IT service desk workflow for maximum success

By Kurt Marko 04 Feb 2019

The automated help desk using ITSM software does for IT operations and support what the CI/CD toolchain has done for developers and DevOps engineers. Read More