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Secure DevOps: Fact or Fiction?

sponsored by Veracode, Inc. Published: 31 Oct 2018 Analyst Brief

It's important to build security into your DevOps process. This is easier said than done, but take a look through this DevOps security guide to uncover how to shift security left, who should be responsible for ...

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The Total Economic Impact Of Veracode Application Security Platform

sponsored by Veracode, Inc. Published: 31 Mar 2019 Analyst Report

Check out this ROI analysis of Veracode's application security platform to find out just how much more secure your apps could be, and how you can reduce security flaw resolution time by 90%.

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DevOps Security for Cloud and Containers

sponsored by Lacework Published: 30 May 2019 eBook

In this e-book, learn how technology differences between development, staging, and product environments can lead to much larger security problems, how microservices deployed as containers help eliminate ...

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A Guide to Joining DevOps and Security

sponsored by Trend Micro, Inc. Published: 03 May 2019 eGuide

If you want to build out your DevOps and security programs in order to improve your application security initiatives, vulnerability testing has to be baked into your day-to-day processes. In this e-guide, explore ...

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Application Security Beyond Scanning

sponsored by Veracode, Inc. Published: 20 May 2019 White Paper

To make application security truly effective at reducing the risk of a damaging breach, there are three critical steps beyond scanning to help develop more secure code. Explore those three critical steps in this ...

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