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Why Organizations Still Struggle To Digitally Transform & Innovate

sponsored by Veeam Software Published: 15 Nov 2017 White Paper

An overwhelming majority are struggling with availability and protection gaps, which are leading to data loss, impeded operating environments, and delayed digital transformation efforts. Access this report for ...

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Business Value of Digital Transformation

sponsored by Microsoft Published: 28 Feb 2018 eBook

Digital transformation is disrupting every industry. Download this white paper to discover how to bring together people, data and processes in order to stay ahead and create business value in a digital-first world.

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Successfully Transforming to Digital Business

sponsored by Scality Inc. Published: 29 Jul 2016 White Paper

Today, digital business is equal, if not more important than traditional business. In this white paper, learn the 3 capabilities organizations must provide in order to stay relevant in the digital age, and tips for...

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Reimagining Legacy Applications to Embrace Digital Transformation

sponsored by Advanced Business Software & Solutions Published: 25 Jan 2018 White Paper

Discover a variety of tips on how to approach app modernization so that you can reimagine the critical legacy apps at the core your business for digital-first initiatives.

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Reimagining Legacy App Modernization to Embrace Digital Transformation

sponsored by Advanced Business Software & Solutions Published: 25 Jan 2018 White Paper

Find out how to transform apps written in legacy programming languages like COBOL into Java or .NET code for digital-first initiatives without placing undue stress on your development resources.

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Building a Breakthrough Business with Digital Transformation

sponsored by Lenovo Published: 22 Sep 2017 Case Study

Download this case study to discover how digital transformation allows Kwese Channels to meet the unique hardware needs of their growing business—from the server infrastructure in the data centre to the mobile ...

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Business Communications Essentials for Digital Transformation

sponsored by West UC Published: 17 Oct 2017 White Paper

In this white paper, learn how secure, private, and reliable business communications deliver a competitive advantage. Then, gain a better understanding of the top criteria to consider for UC providers.

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Smart Cities and Digital Transformation: Where Are We on the Hype Cycle?

sponsored by BusinessOnline Published: 24 Mar 2017 Webcast

This webcast discusses aspect s of IoT adoption in relation to smart city technology and outlines the structural and technical hurdles that organizations must overcome in order to achieve the full potential of ...

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Digital Transformation Powers Your Business

sponsored by Verizon Published: 30 Sep 2015 White Paper

This research report discusses how companies are preparing and utilizing digital network environments to obtain greater efficiency, customer experience, and security.

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Transformation Through Innovation

sponsored by ComputerWeekly.com Published: 09 Dec 2013 Presentation

David Cooper, CIO of British Gas discusses how to transform an IT organisation into an innovative force within a business while reducing the cost of change in this PowerPoint presentation.

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