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Disaster recovery to cloud popular in 2018

By Johnny Yu 18 Dec 2018

As data continued to grow in 2018, more and more businesses turned to a cloud disaster recovery strategy to take some of the burden off their data centers. Read More

Virtualizing business continuity and disaster recovery activities

By Paul Kirvan 21 Jan 2014

Given the growing popularity of virtualization, it makes sense to consider virtualizing business continuity and disaster recovery activities. Read More

Improving business continuity via a virtual disaster recovery strategy

By David Davis 12 Apr 2013

Update your business's disaster recovery strategy to take full advantage of virtualization's time- and cost-saving benefits. Read More

A good business disaster recovery plan considers IT, staffing

By Alan R. Earls 17 Jun 2019

Not sure if your disaster recovery plan takes business needs into account? A good plan should cover business operations, as well as technology and staffing requirements. Read More

Public cloud: A key component in a disaster recovery plan

By Paul Stringfellow 03 Jul 2019

The key things to consider when creating a disaster recovery plan that uses public cloud: DIY vs DRaaS, native cloud tools vs third party, and how low can you go with RPO and RTO? Read More

The modern disaster recovery market explained

By Erin Sullivan 26 Mar 2019

New approaches to disaster recovery planning, cloud DR and virtualized DR have grown in popularity as cybersecurity threats have arisen and shaped the market. Read More

Is VMware SRM disaster recovery a good fit for your DR plan?

By Brien Posey 17 Jun 2019

VMware Site Recovery Manager brings a number of benefits to the disaster recovery process. One of the lesser known roles of SRM is as a planning tool. Read More

HYCU Protégé offers multi-cloud disaster recovery, migration

By Paul Crocetti 15 Jul 2019

HYCU is seeking to make the process of multi-cloud data protection and migration more seamless. While many organizations use multiple clouds, they can lead to complexity issues. Read More

3 types of DRaaS: Which approach is best?

By John Edwards 17 Jun 2019

Your disaster recovery-as-a-service strategy needs to consider not only business needs but your IT staff's capabilities. Options range from full-on help to do-it-yourself DRaaS. Read More

What is a business resilience plan and why do you need one?

By Erin Sullivan 08 Jul 2019

Just like business continuity has become indispensable, having an IT resilience plan in place is crucial to keeping your business up and running today. Read More