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Using simulated disaster management to tackle the security skills gap

By Peter Ray Allison 01 Mar 2019

With the increasing need for cyber security professionals, organisations are turning to new ways to address the skills gap facing the security sector Read More

3 virtualization infrastructure design rules to shape your deployment

By Nick Moore 26 Oct 2018

Admins can improve virtual infrastructure design by focusing their deployments on transparency and flexibility and critically evaluating emerging technologies. Read More

Can an SMB business continuity strategy compete with larger firms?

By Nick Cavalancia 29 Aug 2018

When crafting a business continuity plan, an SMB must try and meet customers' enterprise-level expectations, while using its available resources to the fullest. Read More

Carbonite backup integrates with Iron Cloud

By Johnny Yu 20 Dec 2018

An expanded strategic partnership will bring Carbonite data protection products to Iron Cloud customers. Both vendors are confident the move will prove mutually beneficial. Read More

How IT pros are building resilience against email security threats

By Nicholas Fearn 19 Jul 2019

For most people, emails are an easy and harmless way to communicate in the workplace, but they could also be a security disaster waiting to happen Read More

Cloud-first strategy brings pharma firm to cloud-first backup

By Dave Raffo 22 Apr 2019

With no physical data center at launch, pharma spinout firm Bioverativ went to the cloud first and learned valuable lessons about storage protection and management. Read More

Protect backups from ransomware and other security risks

By Nick Cavalancia 08 Aug 2019

Backups can return your enterprises to a known good state. So it's essential to secure them by aligning your backup and security strategies for better protection and recovery. Read More

Switch to a new data backup system without disruption

By John Edwards 09 Jul 2019

Your organization may be looking to transition to a new data backup platform. Avoid potential pitfalls and make the change seamlessly with these guidelines. Read More

Hybrid backups reap benefits of cloud and local backup

By Alastair Cooke 08 Jul 2019

Organizations should have a local backup to speed restores, even if the final backup location is in the cloud. This hybrid backup approach can be useful for ransomware protection. Read More

Acronis CEO: 'Backup is dead'

By Johnny Yu 24 Jul 2019

Backup alone is not enough, according to Acronis CEO Serguei Beloussov. True data protection involves a combination of security, privacy and accessibility on top of backup. Read More