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Test your business continuity best practices knowledge

By Erin Sullivan 02 Oct 2018

When crafting a business continuity and disaster recovery plan, it's helpful to keep in mind some basic best practices. Don't find yourself caught off guard by getting complacent. Read More

Strengthen your disaster recovery test plan

By Sonia Lelii, Paul Kirvan 18 Feb 2016

A critical aspect of disaster recovery planning is often overlooked: disaster recovery testing.

Disaster recovery (DR) testing is the only reliable way for an organization to gauge the effectiveness of its ... Read More

Disaster recovery planning tools: Predictive analytics for DR

By John Edwards 19 Dec 2018

Today, predictive analytics and AI are fully realized disaster recovery tools. In the unpredictable world of DR, predictive analytics is a particularly powerful technology. Read More

Business continuation and disaster recovery tips for your WAN services

By Greg Schulz 25 Jul 2013

Understand the tools, technologies and strategies used to ensure business continuance (BC) and disaster recovery (DR) for your WAN services. Read More

Storage Gateway basics to set an AWS hybrid storage strategy

By Stephen J. Bigelow 23 May 2019

AWS Storage Gateway deploys a gateway that connects on-premises tasks and applications to the AWS cloud. This sets your IT infrastructure up for disaster recovery and backup. Read More

5 crucial multi-cloud disaster recovery principles

By John Edwards 19 Oct 2018

A multi-cloud DR plan looks different for every organization, based on its needs. However, there are five universal precepts that can be applied to most multi-cloud strategies. Read More

Backup trends of 2019: Acquisitions, funding and CEO changes

By Johnny Yu 31 Jul 2019

The acquisitions, funding rounds and CEO changes among backup vendors so far this year hint that even more changes are coming. Experts weigh in on the trends in backup we've already seen in 2019. Read More

Cloud-era backup appliances aim at hybrid content platform

By Antony Adshead 20 Feb 2019

While traditional backup apps evolve to meet the cloud via S3 and Azure, a new breed of backup appliances aims to build a single environment across cloud and on-premise Read More

Kaseya acquisition trail continues with ID Agent -- is DR next?

By Johnny Yu 15 May 2019

ID Agent, the latest Kaseya acquisition, adds its identity protection capabilities to IT Complete and will be integrating with Spanning and Unitrends products. Read More

VeeamON 2019: Veeam enhances orchestrator, promises NAS support

By Paul Crocetti 22 May 2019

Veeam has hit its long-term $1 billion revenue goal. The vendor updated its DR orchestration and now aims to finish off the awaited Availability Suite v10, with NAS backup. Read More