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Secure VMware environments with these tools and tips

By Allyson Larcom 18 Oct 2019

VMware security relies on products such as AppDefense and NSX, as well as the vigilance of admins. Certain acquisitions bring additional security measures into play. Read More

StorageCraft president talks of modernizing DR

By Johnny Yu 20 May 2019

StorageCraft President Douglas Brockett sees a future in which disaster recovery software is used to help customers flexibly migrate data to where it's most cost-efficient. Read More

D&H Distributing grows cloud with ConnectWise, SkyKick

By John Moore, Spencer Smith 20 Sep 2019

D&H Distributing's cloud strategy aims to help VARs adopt the managed services model and sell bundled cloud offerings around platforms such as Office 365 and Azure. Read More

How to build and maintain a multi-cloud security strategy

By Ed Moyle 06 Sep 2019

When using multiple cloud service providers, it's critical to consider your enterprise's cloud scope and the specifics of each cloud service to maintain security. Read More

SD-WAN explained: The ultimate guide to SD-WAN architecture

By Sandra Gittlen 22 Jan 2020

Evaluating SD-WAN architecture can be confusing, especially as the market grows. This guide helps IT pros learn SD-WAN basics, choose the best product and deploy it with confidence. Read More

Best backup and recovery tools cover cyber, all-in-one

By Paul Crocetti 10 Jul 2019

While backup and recovery products are important, organizations should be looking to go steps further to stay safe in the face of cyberthreats. A Unitrends GM provides details. Read More

Five tips for disaster recovery insurance and funding

By John Edwards 23 Jul 2018

Having a complete disaster recovery plan is essential. So is having DR insurance and the money available to fund the recovery. These steps will help you succeed with the latter. Read More

The vSAN stretched cluster type spreads HCI love for HA, DR

By Robert Sheldon 30 May 2019

VMware vSAN stretched clusters enable admins to spread hyper-converged infrastructures across two physical locations. Learn more about them and their benefits. Read More

NetBackup at core of Veritas services platform

By Johnny Yu 24 Jun 2019

The Veritas services platform addresses protection, availability and data intelligence by unifying multiple products around NetBackup and its metadata catalog. Read More

Cloud-era backup appliances aim at hybrid content platform

By Antony Adshead 20 Feb 2019

While traditional backup apps evolve to meet the cloud via S3 and Azure, a new breed of backup appliances aims to build a single environment across cloud and on-premise Read More