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Matching disaster recovery to cyber threats

By Nicholas Fearn 13 Jul 2018

While it is important to take steps to prevent cyber attacks, they can still happen. That is why disaster recovery practices are equally critical Read More

Tap into virtualization's benefits for better disaster recovery

21 Jan 2014

Virtualization creates an abstraction layer between hardware and the operating system and applications, providing great flexibility and ease when it comes to recovering systems after a disaster. And many ... Read More

Disaster avoidance requirements ensure business continuity

By Jon Toigo 06 Jun 2018

Include disaster recovery and avoidance requirements as design goals when creating storage and production environments to ensure business continuity during weather events. Read More

What does the ISO 22330 business continuity standard cover?

By Paul Kirvan 15 Aug 2018

With ISO/TS 22330, the International Organization for Standardization covers the issues related to the people involved in BC/DR incident response. Read More

Vulnerability assessment done. Now what?

By Sam Bocetta 16 May 2019

Vulnerability assessment establishes the current state of an organisation’s cyber security, but to meet industry best practices, companies should go beyond that to achieve continuous improvement Read More

Recovering from ransomware: Defend your data with best practices

28 Aug 2018

What does it take to recover from a ransomware attack? In most cases, it's planning, testing and resources. Is your organization prepared for the worst? Read More

4 tips for MSPs building a cloud backup services business

By Nick Cavalancia 06 Sep 2018

Getting started as a cloud-based backup services business requires a grasp of the target market, a solid mix of backup vendors and a sound pricing formula. Read More

Manage public cloud storage for optimal performance, costs

By Kathleen Casey 25 Mar 2019

Storage is one of the most commonly used resources on public clouds, which means admins should be well-versed in performance and cost optimization strategies. Use these expert tips to get started. Read More

Kaseya CEO reveals 2019 acquisition plans for IT Complete

By Johnny Yu 08 Feb 2019

Kaseya's acquisition strategy for its IT Complete platform remains a work in progress, with security, endpoint management and more on its 2019 shopping list. Read More

Veeam backup software just 'Right' for background check provider

By Paul Crocetti 28 Dec 2018

HireRight likes the simplicity of the Veeam Availability Suite and its use in complying with GDPR. Testing has proven the backup software meets HireRight's needs. Read More