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Carbonite backup integrates with Iron Cloud

By Johnny Yu 20 Dec 2018

An expanded strategic partnership will bring Carbonite data protection products to Iron Cloud customers. Both vendors are confident the move will prove mutually beneficial. Read More

Open source machine learning accelerates winemaking

By Johnny Yu 02 Jul 2019

Using open source machine learning, Palmaz Vineyards developed a tool to automatically alert winemakers of environmental conditions. Soon, the data flowed like wine. Read More

Cloud trends of 2019 include repatriation, hybrid and multi-cloud

By Jon Toigo 08 May 2019

The rise of the hybrid cloud and the repatriation of public cloud workloads on site to private clouds are driving the broader cloud trends of 2019 toward multi-cloud. Read More

How to fit RPO and RTO into your backup and recovery plans

By Pierre Dorion, Paul Crocetti 18 Sep 2018

The recovery point objective and recovery time objective enable an organization to know how much data it can lose and how long it can be down, key elements of a backup and DR plan. Read More

Explore container deployment benefits and core components

By Tom Nolle 29 Aug 2019

As container adoption grows, the ecosystem of tools surrounding the technology expands as well. Explore the benefits of container systems for enterprise app deployments. Read More

Pros and cons of cloud backup

By Dave Raffo 19 Dec 2018

Know which type of cloud backup you want to use and the advantages and disadvantages that come with cloud backups before you trust your data to a third-party provider. Read More

Arcserve cloud platform eyes comprehensive business continuity

By Paul Crocetti 09 Oct 2018

The Business Continuity Cloud brings together the spectrum of Arcserve's technologies. Through the web-based user interface, users can perform most jobs in a few clicks. Read More

Cloud-first strategy brings pharma firm to cloud-first backup

By Dave Raffo 22 Apr 2019

With no physical data center at launch, pharma spinout firm Bioverativ went to the cloud first and learned valuable lessons about storage protection and management. Read More

IT storage team skills for hyper-converged secondary storage

By Scott D. Lowe 26 Dec 2018

Is your IT storage team ready for the arrival of hyper-converged secondary storage? Learn what storage skills pros need now in order to take on this latest development in storage tech. Read More

Data backup and recovery tools: 2018 Products of the Year finalists

By Paul Crocetti 14 Jan 2019

The 2018 backup and disaster recovery software finalists feature new vendors in the competition along with established players. Many products offer comprehensive data protection. Read More