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New NEC hyper-converged infrastructure appliance targets SMBs

By Carol Sliwa 30 Apr 2019

NEC partners with Scale Computing to launch its first hyper-converged infrastructure appliance tailored to SMBs and remote offices in the U.S. and Europe. Read More

IT risk assessment, analysis key for DR planning

By Paul Kirvan 24 Jun 2016

It's hard to put together a valid business continuity plan until you know what capabilities are at risk and what the impact would be from losing those capabilities. Here's how you conduct a business impact analysis... Read More

Cloud cost management tactics that work

By Chris Tozzi 15 May 2019

This guide looks at strategies and best practices for cloud cost savings. We'll focus on public clouds, although many of these tips apply to private and hybrid cloud architectures as well. Read More

IT business continuity and disaster recovery: Past to future

By Paul Crocetti 26 Feb 2018

From protecting mainframes to recovering from cyberattacks, the methods for business continuity and disaster recovery have changed, but the practice remains vital. Read More

Data protection, backup and replication in the age of the cloud

By Chris Evans 04 Dec 2018

A data protection and backup strategy has to take account of the expansion of the sphere of IT, from the datacentre to the public cloud to devices and locations at the edge Read More

SQL Server in Azure database choices and what they offer users

By Michael Otey 29 Jul 2019

SQL Server databases can be moved to the Azure cloud in several different ways. Here's what you'll get from each of the options for migrating SQL Server to Azure. Read More

Kick-start your app migration strategy with these best practices

By Sara Grier 21 Mar 2019

As the cloud becomes more popular, most enterprises will need a migration strategy. Before they move to the public cloud, companies should step back and assess their applications and migration methods. Read More

5G and SD-WAN could provide reliable, alternate connectivity

By Tom Nolle 18 Jun 2019

5G and SD-WAN could develop into an alternative connectivity option that offers high speeds and low latency to geographic areas and remote workers with limited connectivity options. Read More

Commvault CEO Hammer says goodbye, prepares handoff

By Dave Raffo 30 Jan 2019

Bob Hammer is ready to pass the baton to a new CEO. He says Commvault is in good shape, but the data protection vendor still faces questions and challenges in a shifting market. Read More

Sabre outage puts its 99.995% uptime goal in question

By Patrick Thibodeau 29 Mar 2019

An airline reservation system outage created long lines for travelers and raised questions about whether Sabre's uptime goals are achievable. They may not be. Read More