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Commvault CEO Hammer says goodbye, prepares handoff

By Dave Raffo 30 Jan 2019

Bob Hammer is ready to pass the baton to a new CEO. He says Commvault is in good shape, but the data protection vendor still faces questions and challenges in a shifting market. Read More

Sabre outage puts its 99.995% uptime goal in question

By Patrick Thibodeau 29 Mar 2019

An airline reservation system outage created long lines for travelers and raised questions about whether Sabre's uptime goals are achievable. They may not be. Read More

What lies ahead in the storage world

02 Jan 2019

Federica Monsone, founder of A3 Communications, speaks to industry shapers about the likely 2019 trends in data storage Read More

Using a business impact analysis template: A free BIA template and guide

09 Aug 2018

If you need to perform a business impact analysis, this guide and our free, downloadable BIA template will assist you in your business continuity planning. Read More

Best practices for developing a business continuity strategy

05 Jan 2012

Following a disaster, getting your organization back in business isn't something you want to figure out on the fly. Use some of our best tips to develop a business continuity strategy to give yourself an edge ... Read More

Cloud DR: Key choices in cloud disaster recovery

By Stephen Pritchard 23 Feb 2018

Flexibility and low cost make the cloud well-suited to disaster recovery, but there is no one-size-fits-all route to cloud disaster recovery. We look at the key choices Read More

Protection from ransomware requires layered backup, DR

By Paul Crocetti 17 May 2018

A strategy for protection and successful recovery from ransomware includes everything from monitoring tools to offline storage. Organizations should use multiple methods. Read More

Disaster recovery and business continuity planning templates

06 Aug 2009

Need help creating a formal disaster recovery plan or business continuity strategy? Get started with some free disaster recovery and business continuity planning templates. Read More

London 2012 Olympics: Aim for gold with DR, business continuity plans

By Hamish MacArthur 10 May 2012

With 80 days to go before the London 2012 Olympic Games begin, IT pros must review and test their contingency, disaster recovery and business continuity strategies. Read More

A data replication strategy for all your disaster recovery needs

By George Crump 06 Jun 2018

Know your IT environment inside and out to choose the right data replication product for your organization's current and future disaster recovery requirements. Read More