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HYCU Protégé offers multi-cloud disaster recovery, migration

By Paul Crocetti 15 Jul 2019

HYCU is seeking to make the process of multi-cloud data protection and migration more seamless. While many organizations use multiple clouds, they can lead to complexity issues. Read More

3 types of DRaaS: Which approach is best?

By John Edwards 17 Jun 2019

Your disaster recovery-as-a-service strategy needs to consider not only business needs but your IT staff's capabilities. Options range from full-on help to do-it-yourself DRaaS. Read More

What DR requirements belong in a cloud computing SLA?

By Alan R. Earls 31 Jul 2019

Many organizations are making the move to DRaaS. But, before you dive in, be sure the cloud provider's SLA meets the needs of your business and its end users. Read More

Disaster planning: How to expect the unexpected

By Peter Ray Allison 21 Jun 2019

Focusing too much on specific disasters rather than considering an organisation’s data protection, network security and process requirements, can lead to unpredicted vulnerabilities Read More

What is a business resilience plan and why do you need one?

By Erin Sullivan 08 Jul 2019

Just like business continuity has become indispensable, having an IT resilience plan in place is crucial to keeping your business up and running today. Read More

Fortify your business resilience with consequence management

By Paul Kirvan 25 Jul 2019

Is there something lacking in your incident response strategy? Consequence management could be the missing piece in your organization's IT resilience plan. Read More

Top 10 VMworld 2019 sessions to consider

By Stefani Muñoz 01 Aug 2019

The catalog for VMworld 2019 has more than 900 sessions. Whether or not you already planned your schedule, take a look at our top picks to see what you might have missed. Read More

How can I integrate cybersecurity and backup planning?

By Paul Kirvan 25 Jul 2019

Your organization should integrate its cybersecurity and backup processes. It's easy for a cyberattack to affect backups, unfortunately, so be proactive about it. Read More

Hypervisor vendors upset virtual disaster recovery market

By Stuart Burns 01 Aug 2019

Zerto and Veeam have conquered the DR market, but hypervisor vendors such as VMware and Nutanix have emerged, offering services that look to lower costs and provide better performance. Read More

The 7 critical backup strategy best practices to keep data safe

By George Crump 10 Jul 2019

This comprehensive guide explains backup basics, the issues affecting risk, and the seven critical backup strategies you need to keep data safe. Read More