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Implement security for DevOps across the board

By Clive Longbottom 12 Oct 2018

Security for DevOps isn't about the devices or the data center facility anymore. Learn how to protect valuable data as it moves beyond the corporate network into hybrid cloud and among various applications composed... Read More

How an MSP enlisted Webroot for ransomware prevention

By John Moore 29 Jan 2019

Platte River Networks is using Webroot technology, which includes endpoint protection software and a phishing simulator, to shield its clients from ransomware. Read More

Infosec community welcomes bank sector focus on cyber resilience

By Warwick Ashford 06 Jul 2018

The information security community has welcomed regulators’ call on the banking industry to demonstrate their capability to respond to cyber attacks because it highlights the importance of cyber resilience for all ... Read More

Data protection trends: Ransomware, M&A deals dominate news

By Paul Crocetti 06 Dec 2017

Ransomware made international headlines in backup 2017 news, and vendors looked to mitigate its effects. Vendors were also busy with acquisitions and hyper-converged backup. Read More

Why TIC Gums chose a cloud computing disaster recovery plan

By Esther Shein 22 Sep 2017

After a manufacturer recognized the risks in having its systems and data located onsite, the company implemented a cloud computing disaster recovery plan with the help of a channel partner. Read More

Ten business continuity risks to monitor in 2018

By Paul Kirvan 16 Apr 2018

Business continuity and disaster recovery threats vary by organization, but common threads can be found across the globe. Ten worrisome trends appear to be having a big year. Read More

Amarillo hyper-converges IT with Dell EMC VxRail appliances

By Dave Raffo 12 Dec 2018

Hyper-convergence cut costs, streamlined operations and set up Amarillo to use the cloud for storage tiers, while shifting resources away from managing infrastructure. Read More

Disaster recovery vendors look to automate, consolidate in 2018

By Stuart Burns 11 Dec 2017

To thrive, disaster recovery providers must keep up with the times. Converging backup and DR, fighting ransomware and properly using the cloud are important elements. Read More

Don't let your BC/DR plan get lost in the shuffle

By Nick Cavalancia 08 Mar 2018

How can you maintain consistency in your BC/DR strategy in a world of constantly evolving technology? If it's a reactive part of IT, you're already behind. Read More

AI a big data benefit for moving to the cloud for healthcare

By Shaun Sutner 15 Feb 2018

Providers and big vendors are wary, but healthcare in the cloud and the benefits artificial intelligence provides will spur a shift from on-premises systems for analyzing EHRs. Read More