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3 steps for a successful data center consolidation plan

By Andrew Froehlich 01 Apr 2019

A data center consolidation plan is usually riddled with questions. But careful forethought is key for the successful centralization of software and servers. Read More

SearchStorage.com Videocast: How disaster recovery fits into your business continuity plan

25 Sep 2007

How does disaster recovery fits in to a business continuity plan? Disaster recovery expert Bill Peldzus offers best practices for creating a disaster recovery strategy. Read More

Google buys Alooma to bolster its cloud data migration chops

By Chris Kanaracus 20 Feb 2019

Google Cloud will acquire Israeli startup Alooma in a bid to add to its data migration portfolio. The move follows last year's acquisition of cloud migration vendor Velostrata. Read More

Is your cloud DR strategy agile enough?

By Brien Posey 18 Jun 2018

As business requirements evolve, not every DR tool can keep up. In the age of agile IT, there are drawbacks to consider with a cloud-based disaster recovery strategy. Read More

Manually initiate the Hyper-V replication failover process

By Nirmal Sharma 20 Mar 2018

Hyper-V replication failover only requires two steps. But before you initiate failover, perform some tests to ensure the recovery point has consistent data. Read More

A guide to choosing cloud infrastructure services

By Aaron Tan 01 Nov 2018

We take a look at the considerations when choosing infrastructure as a service, and what needs to be in place for enterprises to get the most out of the cloud computing technology Read More

Review the top 9 virtualization techniques of the year

By Nick Moore 13 Dec 2018

IT administrators always have room to improve their virtualization skills. Read our top articles of the year to perfect PowerShell management, Hyper-V customization and more. Read More

The definitive DaaS provider criteria checklist

By Theresa Miller 15 Mar 2018

If IT wants to move its virtual desktops to a DaaS vendor, it's critical to know what to look for, including the disaster recovery options and monitoring capabilities. Read More

Serverless infrastructure demands new roles for IT admins

By Robert Sheldon 26 Jul 2018

Serverless technology is going to disrupt the data center, and IT administrators will need to shift their expertise from management to configuration and from servers to services. Read More

Want IT resiliency? Look to both security and disaster recovery

By Jon Toigo 03 Apr 2018

Security, protection from hackers and ransomware, disaster preparedness and disaster recovery are all means to the goal of resilient IT infrastructure and business processes. Read More