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Modern data backup technologies afford merging opportunities

By Jim O'Reilly 19 Mar 2018

Through technologies such as copy data management, vendors are merging primary and secondary storage. There's more convergence ahead, within the likes of solid-state drives. Read More

A guide to choosing and using all-flash array storage

By Aaron Tan 06 Sep 2018

We take a look at the considerations when devising an all-flash array storage strategy, and what enterprises can do to get the most out of the technology Read More

IT business continuity and disaster recovery planning: Test your IQ

28 Apr 2010

IT business continuity and disaster recovery planning are topping enterprise agendas in 2010. Read about the strategies and technologies here and take our quiz to test your smarts. Read More

Veeam enterprise push embraces 'hyper-availability,' cloud

By Paul Crocetti 31 May 2018

Noting that 'data is the currency of the enterprise,' Veeam is taking its platform beyond protection and into more management. VeeamON 2018 laid the groundwork for its strategy. Read More

HYCU moves beyond Nutanix backup with Google Cloud support

By Dave Raffo 30 Jul 2018

HYCU's first non-Nutanix-based product is backup for Google Cloud Platform, ahead of Nutanix's Xi Cloud Services partnership with Google due later this year. Read More

SunGard survey says virtualization has a role in disaster recovery

26 Jun 2009

We've compiled the latest disaster recovery news: SunGard survey says virtualization has a role in disaster recovery; EMC provides business continuity for VMware environments; ProStor Systems announces InfiniVault ... Read More

Store medical images using hybrid cloud data storage

By Reda Chouffani 18 Jan 2018

Hospitals that face an influx of medical imaging data can benefit from a hybrid cloud model to store data and enable disaster recovery services. Read More

DRaaS providers make streamlined testing a reality

By Brien Posey 08 Aug 2017

When you're using a cloud-based disaster recovery plan, you really don't have an excuse for overlooking consistent testing, as it can be a pain-free, streamlined process. Read More

How is tape backup doing in 2019?

By Johnny Yu 18 Mar 2019

Industry experts say tape isn't going away and the technology is actually improving. The problem, they say, is vendors aren't talking enough about this 'old-school' backup method. Read More

Startup gives Datrium DVX subscription pricing

By Dave Raffo 11 Mar 2019

With Datrium Forward, the software-defined storage startup looks to deliver a 'cloudy feel' to pricing for its DVX storage that spans on premises and in Amazon Web Services. Read More