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CIOs discover effective business continuity and disaster recovery strategies

02 Apr 2011

CIOs are finding that effective business continuity (BC) and disaster recovery (DR) plans hinge on an understanding of emerging technologies and confidence in their supply chains. In the April 2011 edition of ... Read More

Using the cloud for disaster recovery? You'll need these key terms

By Erin Sullivan 29 May 2019

If you're planning on implementing a cloud-based disaster recovery plan, be sure to familiarize yourself with core aspects of crafting a cloud DR plan and choosing a provider. Read More

Successful disaster recovery approaches set priorities

By Alan R. Earls 17 May 2019

By taking a tiered approach, similar to cybersecurity, disaster recovery planners can structure their recovery to cut downtime and protect high-priority data. Read More

How to use AI for business continuity and disaster recovery planning

By Paul Kirvan 12 Apr 2019

Are you incorporating AI into your BC/DR planning? If not, there are multiple opportunities to include AI in the planning process, both before and after a disaster occurs. Read More

Rubrik adds data governance tool in Andes 5.1 update

By Johnny Yu 14 Aug 2019

With capabilities providing data governance, automated disaster recovery failover and failback and continuous data protection, Rubrik Andes 5.1 seeks to consolidate tools and silos. Read More

5 advantages of cloud storage

10 Jul 2019

Unlimited capacity, multi-tenancy and built-in disaster recovery are a few of the cloud storage benefits administrators can use to help solve data storage challenges. Read More

Can your disaster recovery strategy keep up?

By Brien Posey 15 Mar 2019

Disaster recovery requirements are constantly changing, and a DR plan must do the same. Frequent testing and clear communication can go a long way toward keeping a plan up to date. Read More

Types of backup explained: Full, incremental, differential and mirror

17 Jul 2019

There are several different types of backup. Here's how to choose the best way to safeguard your data and recover appropriately in the event of an incident. Read More

What are some public cloud backup options for better data protection?

By Brien Posey 05 Jul 2019

Organizations that need to protect resources in the public cloud have a number of backup possibilities, some with more hazardous negatives than others. Read More

Datrium rebrands hybrid cloud data platform as Automatrix

By Antony Adshead 16 May 2019

NVMe pioneer Datrium announces ControlShift disaster recovery automation as a service, while bundling its data platform offerings as Automatrix, and lauds the benefits compared to siloed IT Read More