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How is tape backup doing in 2019?

By Johnny Yu 18 Mar 2019

Industry experts say tape isn't going away and the technology is actually improving. The problem, they say, is vendors aren't talking enough about this 'old-school' backup method. Read More

Startup gives Datrium DVX subscription pricing

By Dave Raffo 11 Mar 2019

With Datrium Forward, the software-defined storage startup looks to deliver a 'cloudy feel' to pricing for its DVX storage that spans on premises and in Amazon Web Services. Read More

Data center disaster recovery planning

13 Apr 2010

A solid disaster recovery and business continuity strategy is crucial to protecting your organization's future in the event of a natural disaster or other emergency that causes downtime. In this guide, we've ... Read More

Disaster recovery strategies for Hyper-V

By Greg Shields 03 Feb 2009

If you don't know about Hyper-V's disaster recovery technologies, you should. An expert explains how to develop a Hyper-V business continuity strategy. Read More

Using virtual servers for disaster recovery: The pros and cons

By Stephen J. Bigelow 30 Sep 2009

Want to learn how to have a safe business continuity platform? This article teaches you how to better understand disaster recovery procedures using a virtualization server. Read More

Best of VMworld 2018 Europe User Awards: The winners

By Caroline Donnelly 06 Nov 2018

Find out who won what, including the best of show prize, at the 2018 VMworld Europe User Awards in Barcelona Read More

Disaster recovery and business continuity tutorials

30 Apr 2009

We've compiled our tutorials on disaster recovery (DR) and business continuity planning. Learn about outsourcing disaster recovery (DR), developing a DR plan for virtual servers, and more. Visit our tutorial page ... Read More

Nine skills business continuity managers need to succeed

By Paul Kirvan 22 Aug 2017

If you're looking to become a business continuity manager, having a range of areas of expertise can improve your standing in the constantly evolving profession. Read More

AWS month in review: More for hybrid cloud architectures

By Trevor Jones 28 Sep 2018

September was a low-key month for AWS, even though it rolled out more than 70 updates to its platform. AWS advancements in September were a lot of the standard fodder: services expanded to ... Read More

Adding cybersecurity as a service to a BC/DR plan

By Paul Kirvan 14 Sep 2017

Compare a traditional network perimeter configuration with cloud cybersecurity and see if this new kind of security platform can improve your business continuity. Read More