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Latest Carbonite acquisition adds Mozy backup

By Paul Crocetti 15 Feb 2018

Carbonite stays busy with its pending acquisition of Mozy and a forthcoming DRaaS product. The data protection vendor also announced its revenue results. Read More

Best practices for social media and business resilience

By Paul Kirvan 29 May 2018

Solid business continuity and resilience depend on a thorough examination and update of company social media policies. Otherwise, you may have a disaster on your hands. Read More

Test your ransomware recovery plan to safeguard data

By Alastair Cooke 02 May 2018

Testing your restore process prior to an attack is a major part of surviving a ransomware infection. Reduce recovery time and ensure data is secure with planning and preparation. Read More

LTO-8 tape standard to provide insurance against disaster

By Jon Toigo 03 Nov 2017

LTO-8 tape, the next-generation Linear Tape-Open standard, arrives at a fortuitous moment for organizations of all sizes looking to store and protect more data than ever. Read More

HIPAA requirements steer data protection in healthcare

By Brien Posey 28 Jun 2017

Although HIPAA may not specify how to protect patient data in the event a system goes down, its requirements make it clear data must remain available and secure. Read More

Updated IBM storage products focus on cost savings and cloud

By Carol Sliwa 14 May 2018

IBM storage enhancements focus on data deduplication expansion, cloud-based Storage Insights, VM-based Spectrum NAS and Spectrum Virtualize for Public Cloud. Read More

IoT and the legacy system apocalypse

By Madhup Mishra 21 Dec 2018

Legacy systems have no place in the growing IoT ecosystem, advises VoltDB's Madhup Mishra. Rather, complementing them with real-time alternatives can help you get the most out of your IoT data. Read More

Virtualization's next phase: DR, BC and cloud computing

By Niel Nickolaisen 21 Aug 2009

Virtualization in the midmarket is now used for mission-critical servers and services, disaster recovery and business continuity, and even cloud computing, says our CIO columnist. Read More

Data backup tools: Users want to handle more data more easily

By James Alan Miller 10 Jan 2018

Businesses want data backup that handles more data than ever, but with software and hardware that's easier to implement and manage than what they're already using. Read More

Disaster recovery testing: technology systems to test DR

By Chris Evans 12 Dec 2016

In this concluding part of a two-part series, Computer Weekly looks at ways of testing disaster recovery plans, with methods including array-based replication and hypervisor-based approaches Read More