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Actifio launches disaster recovery appliances

By Todd Erickson 16 Aug 2010

Actifio emerges from stealth mode with appliances for managing data protection, disaster recovery and business continuity in VMware environments; the startup's challenge is to convince customers to change the way ... Read More

VMware Cloud for AWS goes live in Amazon’s UK datacentres as hybrid cloud demand grows

By Caroline Donnelly 07 Mar 2018

Technology tie-up between VMware and AWS continues to go from strength to strength as the pair confirm a European expansion of their combined hybrid cloud-enabling service Read More

Healthcare cloud adoption challenges include cost and complexity

By Reda Chouffani 05 Sep 2017

Although the cloud offers many benefits to healthcare organizations, it is important for CIOs to properly plan for a migration to mitigate any potential issues. Read More

Why you need a cybersecurity incident response plan with DR

By Paul Kirvan 16 Aug 2017

Business continuity and disaster recovery are often linked, but a cybersecurity incident response may be a stand-alone activity, which shouldn't be the case. Read More

What storage technologies are customers looking for?

By Billy MacInnes 12 Jun 2018

In the first of a two-part investigation of the storage market the question being answered is around the current user demands Read More

SaaS backup tips, trends outlined by Spanning VP

By Paul Crocetti 28 Jun 2018

Mat Hamlin, vice president of products at Spanning, details the importance of backing up SaaS applications and being able to restore those cloud workloads successfully. Read More

How server virtualization benefits disaster recovery

27 Mar 2009

In this FAQ, business continuity expert Paul Kirvan, discusses the various server virtualization approaches that are effective for disaster recovery and how they benefit failover and failback processes. Read More

Three reasons to consider a multi-cloud storage strategy

By Brien Posey 08 Nov 2017

Storing data in multiple clouds is a fairly new strategy, but it's useful for companies that want to control cloud costs, protect privacy and ensure their data is always available. Read More

Backup vying for attention over Easter weekend

By Simon Quicke 29 Mar 2018

In between Good Friday and Easter Sunday it's World Backup Day and a reminder with GDPR looming of the need to take data management seriously Read More

Executive involvement in data center business continuity planning spells success

18 Aug 2008

The CEO of a company should be concerned with business continuity and disaster recovery planning and not solely rely on the IT data center managers to make it happen. Richard Jones provides examples of companies ... Read More