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Disaster recovery testing: A vital part of the DR plan

By Chris Evans 30 Nov 2016

Disaster recovery provision is worthless unless you test out your plans. In this two-part series, Computer Weekly looks at disaster recovery testing in virtualised datacentres Read More

SamSam ransomware reaps $5.9m and counting

By Warwick Ashford 31 Jul 2018

In just two and a half years, SamSam campaigns are believed to have netted nearly $6m for cyber criminals, an analysis of this adaptive and evasive strain of active ransomware reveals Read More

Beware of hidden gotchas in DR-as-a-service options

By Jim O'Reilly 07 Jun 2017

Discover the must-have features organizations of any size should keep top of mind when shopping for a cloud-based DR provider. Future services may include converged offerings. Read More

Data backup systems supplement wares with management features

By Brien Posey 13 Jun 2018

With data so important to companies, backup vendors are seeking to provide a better window into its overall lifecycle, including such elements as compliance and analytics. Read More

Ten important steps for testing backups

By John Edwards 18 Apr 2018

Don't let missing or defective backups ruin an otherwise wonderful business day. Backup testing is a surefire way to help your business stay on its feet during a disruption. Read More

Big data processing could be the way all data is processed

By Mike Matchett 23 Aug 2018

Some organizations take their time with new technologies to let first adopters suffer the growing pains. But there's no treading water in the big data stream; the current won't wait. Read More

Microsoft readies Windows Server 2019

By Cliff Saran 21 Mar 2018

As it pushes Azure for the cloud and Azure Stack as an on-premise bridge, Microsoft still believes there is life in Windows Server Read More

VeeamON puts ransomware, cloud DR, CDP on stage

By Paul Crocetti 24 May 2017

Microsoft, Quantum and DataGravity were among the Veeam partners offering new backup and recovery services at VeeamON. The products include tape and cloud data protection. Read More

DattoCon 2018: New storage features, development schedule

By John Moore 22 Jun 2018

Datto partner companies got a slew of new data protection features, a cloud storage product beta and updates on business management software at the recent DattoCon event. Read More

Carbonite CEO discusses data protection threats, developments

By Paul Crocetti 27 Apr 2018

Mohamad Ali, president and CEO of Carbonite, reflects on his trip to the State of the Union, how his job compares to previous high-profile positions and what's next for the vendor. Read More