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Big data processing could be the way all data is processed

By Mike Matchett 23 Aug 2018

Some organizations take their time with new technologies to let first adopters suffer the growing pains. But there's no treading water in the big data stream; the current won't wait. Read More

DattoCon 2018: New storage features, development schedule

By John Moore 22 Jun 2018

Datto partner companies got a slew of new data protection features, a cloud storage product beta and updates on business management software at the recent DattoCon event. Read More

Disaster recovery, business continuity hinge on the right philosophy

19 Jul 2007

Syska-Hennessy disaster recovery and business continuity experts offer a list of strategies for ensuring optimum uptime and reliability in your data center. Read More

Five reasons to consider data warehouse as a service

By John Edwards 22 Feb 2018

DWaaS offers benefits that are unmatched by on-premises counterparts, including improved agility and cost-effective big data storage. Read More

The latest on cloud backup and cloud disaster recovery

By Rich Castagna 02 Jul 2012

The earliest and still most widely used cloud storage services were designed for backing up small organizations’ data. Today, many of those services have upgraded their products to serve enterprise clients as well.... Read More

Four situations where a multi-cloud strategy makes sense

By Robert Sheldon 12 Apr 2018

Many businesses can benefit from using multiple cloud services, especially if they need to ensure reliability, protect privacy, remain flexible and optimize the cloud experience. Read More

Hyper-converged infrastructure solutions: Scale, Nutanix tap channel

29 Jun 2018

Channel partnership strategy: Scale Computing and Nutanix have launched partner programs in the hyper-converged solutions market; other news from the week. Read More

The multicloud dream

06 Dec 2017

Nutanix’s Jan Ursi looks at the new route to revenue for hyper-convergence channel partners Read More

Hunt zombie VMs and control virtualization sprawl

By Brian Kirsch 06 Apr 2018

VM tagging is an effective tactic for discovering and eliminating zombie VMs. Cut useless VMs, redundant data and confusing configurations to enable efficient resource consumption and limit VM sprawl. Read More

Top cloud security risks that keep experts up at night

By David Geer 01 May 2019

Hackers are after your assets in the cloud. Here's how they get in and what you can do to plug security holes, starting with minimizing the risks created through human error. Read More