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What are best practices for archiving emails?

By Paul Kirvan 25 Sep 2019

Archiving email is crucial to the business continuity and disaster recovery process. For example, consider how cybersecurity and cloud storage can integrate with the archiving. Read More

Hypervisor vendors upset virtual disaster recovery market

By Stuart Burns 01 Aug 2019

Zerto and Veeam have conquered the DR market, but hypervisor vendors such as VMware and Nutanix have emerged, offering services that look to lower costs and provide better performance. Read More

Commvault adds SaaS backup subsidiary Metallic

By Johnny Yu 14 Oct 2019

Metallic is a Commvault brand focused on delivering cloud-based SaaS backup, with separate products protecting servers and VMs, Office 365 and endpoints. Read More

How to use AI for business continuity and disaster recovery planning

By Paul Kirvan 12 Apr 2019

Are you incorporating AI into your BC/DR planning? If not, there are multiple opportunities to include AI in the planning process, both before and after a disaster occurs. Read More

Windows Virtual Desktop is generally available

By Erica Mixon 30 Sep 2019

Microsoft released Windows Virtual Desktop to the general public, which is likely to have significant effects on the VDI market. Learn why, and what the service offers. Read More

Using the cloud for disaster recovery? You'll need these key terms

By Erin Sullivan 29 May 2019

If you're planning on implementing a cloud-based disaster recovery plan, be sure to familiarize yourself with core aspects of crafting a cloud DR plan and choosing a provider. Read More

The 7 critical backup strategy best practices to keep data safe

By George Crump 10 Jul 2019

This comprehensive guide explains backup basics, the issues affecting risk, and the seven critical backup strategies you need to keep data safe. Read More

Successful disaster recovery approaches set priorities

By Alan R. Earls 17 May 2019

By taking a tiered approach, similar to cybersecurity, disaster recovery planners can structure their recovery to cut downtime and protect high-priority data. Read More

Proactive measures help to ensure business continuity

By Brien Posey, Stephen J. Bigelow, Keith Townsend 13 Feb 2015

An organization needs to devise a strategy that keeps its virtual machines available to the extent possible and recoverable when disaster strikes. This strategic planning should include disaster avoidance -- not ... Read More

Consolidating databases in Oracle systems: Methods and tips

By Lindsay Moore 30 Aug 2019

A well-planned consolidation strategy can help overcome Oracle database sprawl. But there are different ways to consolidate your databases, each with pros and cons. Read More