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Disaster recovery strategy guidelines: Preparation and response

By Erin Sullivan 15 Feb 2019

A disaster recovery and response plan should be unique to each organization, but there are universal best practices that can facilitate rapid and comprehensive incident response. Read More

Actifio GO 'SaaSifies' copy data management in GCP

By Johnny Yu 16 Aug 2019

The new Actifio GO for GCP has expanded from backup as a service to include copy data management and disaster recovery, putting it on par with the vendor's on-premises product. Read More

A tutorial on disaster recovery and business continuity planning strategies for SMBs

29 Jun 2009

In recent years, even smaller organizations can no longer to afford to be without a DR plan. Learn DR and business continuity planning strategies for SMBs in this tutorial. Read More

Barracuda rep details natural disaster backup and recovery strategy

By Paul Crocetti 27 Dec 2018

However remote the chance, any IT department should have a backup and recovery plan that takes natural disasters into account. Barracuda's Greg Arnette discusses best practices. Read More

DRaaS benefits that make ditching traditional DR worth it

By John Edwards 07 Feb 2019

The benefits of disaster recovery as a service include lower cost, enhanced reliability and streamlined administration. It's no wonder that more organizations are being drawn to it. Read More

Top server virtualization myths in disaster recovery and business continuity

By Greg Schulz 20 Jul 2009

There's a lot of hype surrounding server virtualization, which is a popular topic in business continuity and disaster recovery. Here's a look at the top server virtualization myths. Read More

Latest update takes Arcserve RHA to the cloud

By Johnny Yu 05 Jun 2019

Arcserve enhances its RHA disaster recovery software, enabling cloud-to-cloud failback, as well as the ability to continuously replicate from on premises to a public cloud. Read More

Stay up to date with the VMware Cloud on AWS roadmap

By Stephen J. Bigelow 15 May 2019

Upcoming features on the VMware Cloud on AWS roadmap include two SDKs, disaster recovery testing improvements and increased VMware Site Recovery protection. Read More

Top 4 cloud storage use cases to connect private and public clouds

By George Crump 18 Apr 2019

Get effective tips and strategies for connecting internal storage infrastructure and private clouds with compute and storage from public cloud service providers. Read More

4 key qualities in a disaster recovery team consultant

By John Edwards 24 Jan 2019

An experienced and reliable disaster recovery consultant can offer significant benefits to a DR team. When choosing a DR consultant, it helps to be picky. Read More