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Pure Storage outlines growth momentum, bolsters cloud play

By Aaron Tan 17 Sep 2019

Pure Storage CEO talks up the storage supplier’s competitive edge in a largely stagnant market dominated by larger rivals Read More

Top server virtualization myths in disaster recovery and business continuity

By Greg Schulz 20 Jul 2009

There's a lot of hype surrounding server virtualization, which is a popular topic in business continuity and disaster recovery. Here's a look at the top server virtualization myths. Read More

Support for production-level hybrid cloud use cases on the rise

By Jeff Kato, Jeff Byrne 08 Aug 2019

A recent Taneja Group survey reveals that hybrid cloud and multi-cloud are the preferred cloud storage architectures for a variety of enterprise storage use cases. Read More

New factors driving disaster recovery adoption

By Johnny Yu 29 Apr 2019

Threats from cyberattacks and climate change have replaced natural disasters as the main drivers behind companies adopting disaster recovery and make no geographic zone safe. Read More

Actifio multi-cloud support extends DR to AWS, Azure

By Johnny Yu 18 Jun 2019

Actifio Multi-Cloud Mobility and Automation brings multi-cloud disaster recovery to Sky, along with flexible migration capabilities for companies that want to stay agile. Read More

Virtual machine live migration boosts business continuity, disaster recovery

By Stephen J. Bigelow 15 Oct 2009

Live migration keeps applications available and disaster recovery on track by moving virtual machines from one physical host server to another as condition change. Read More

These VMware and third-party VM backup tools make your job easier

By Stephen J. Bigelow 16 Apr 2019

With the right tools and resources, VM backup and recovery can be easier. Consider factors such as product compatibility and future business needs before deciding what to use. Read More

VMware vSAN HCI users share cloud strategies, battle scars

By Dave Raffo 28 Aug 2019

Hyper-converged infrastructure has meant change to IT organizations, and VMware vSAN customers consider evolving their cloud plans in an age of hybrid and multi-cloud options. Read More

Disaster recovery strategy guidelines: Preparation and response

By Erin Sullivan 15 Feb 2019

A disaster recovery and response plan should be unique to each organization, but there are universal best practices that can facilitate rapid and comprehensive incident response. Read More

Barracuda rep details natural disaster backup and recovery strategy

By Paul Crocetti 27 Dec 2018

However remote the chance, any IT department should have a backup and recovery plan that takes natural disasters into account. Barracuda's Greg Arnette discusses best practices. Read More