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Using multiple cloud providers can benefit your DR plan

By Stuart Burns 16 Aug 2019

Incorporating a cloud-to-cloud strategy using multiple providers may not simplify your DR plan, but it can offer peace of mind in the event of a disaster. Read More

Disaster recovery procedures deserve daily attention

By Phil Sweeney 07 Dec 2018

An occasional disaster recovery test sounds like a good idea. But routine work on DR readiness might be the difference between a minor bump and a major disruption. Read More

New Arcserve appliances tightly integrate DR capabilities

By Johnny Yu 06 Feb 2019

The third generation of appliances from Arcserve combines backup workloads with disaster recovery with the ability to spin up copies directly on an appliance or to the cloud. Read More

What is a good backup test frequency?

By Paul Kirvan 22 Apr 2019

You should align your backup testing with the frequency of backups. This way, IT assets will not only be backed up, but also validated as ready for use in an emergency. Read More

NetBackup at core of Veritas services platform

By Johnny Yu 24 Jun 2019

The Veritas services platform addresses protection, availability and data intelligence by unifying multiple products around NetBackup and its metadata catalog. Read More

James Brissenden


James Brissenden is an expert in backup systems supporting disaster recovery and data protection strategies, with a specific focus on aligning technical design to recovery and business continuance needs.Read More

3 hyper-converged cloud infrastructure benefits

By Robert Sheldon 14 May 2019

A hyper-converged cloud enables IT managers to overcome the challenges of managing compute, storage and network resources as separate tiers and move to the cloud in stages. Read More

Disaster recovery vs. backup: Plan for and prioritize VM workloads

By Brian Kirsch 09 Nov 2018

Before admins design a recovery plan, they must plan out which VM workloads need a disaster recovery environment and which need backups. Weigh these factors before making the call. Read More

StorageCraft president talks of modernizing DR

By Johnny Yu 20 May 2019

StorageCraft President Douglas Brockett sees a future in which disaster recovery software is used to help customers flexibly migrate data to where it's most cost-efficient. Read More

Replication won’t protect VMs against ransomware

By Cliff Saran 27 Sep 2018

Seamless replication is among the benefits of virtualisation, but many organisations fail to back up virtual machines properly Read More