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Types of backup explained: Full, incremental, differential and mirror

17 Jul 2019

There are several different types of backup. Here's how to choose the best way to safeguard your data and recover appropriately in the event of an incident. Read More

What are some public cloud backup options for better data protection?

By Brien Posey 05 Jul 2019

Organizations that need to protect resources in the public cloud have a number of backup possibilities, some with more hazardous negatives than others. Read More

CIOs experience stress, verbal and physical abuse during IT failures

By Cliff Saran 21 Jun 2019

Business continuity involves more than the investment in resilient IT – staff and their families need support too Read More

How to plan for the worst possible disaster recovery scenarios

By Alan R. Earls 24 Apr 2019

Your worst-case DR scenario today might be vastly different than it was just a few years ago. What's the worst that could happen to your data center in the event of a disaster? Read More

The history of virtualization and its mark on data center management

By Stefani Muñoz 24 Oct 2019

Virtualization was a huge leap in data center technology with software such as hypervisors and virtual switches that expanded organizations' capabilities and redefined IT. Read More

James Brissenden


James Brissenden is an expert in backup systems supporting disaster recovery and data protection strategies, with a specific focus on aligning technical design to recovery and business continuance needs.Read More

New factors driving disaster recovery adoption

By Johnny Yu 29 Apr 2019

Threats from cyberattacks and climate change have replaced natural disasters as the main drivers behind companies adopting disaster recovery and make no geographic zone safe. Read More

Cloud backup vs. local (traditional) backup: advantages, disadvantages

By Paul Crocetti 17 Jul 2019

Cloud backup vs. traditional backup is an important discussion. While the cloud backup market is soaring, traditional backup players may also have much to offer your organization. Read More

Enterprise backup software provides data protection foundation

By Chris Evans, George Crump 08 Oct 2019

Learn how backup and recovery software has evolved and what features it offers IT enterprises that need to protect cloud and virtual environments and other data sources. Read More

What enterprises look for with converged data center projects

By James Alan Miller 25 Oct 2019

Learn about the state of the convergence market and what enterprises require for CI and HCI projects, the workloads they intend to run and which vendors are highest on their buying lists. Read More