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JetStream Software seeks MSP DR partners

28 May 2019

Enterprise Networking Solutions chose JetStream backup because of its continuous replication technology, giving it an RTO/RPO edge over other products in its DR catalog. Read More

Cloud-era backup appliances aim at hybrid content platform

By Antony Adshead 20 Feb 2019

While traditional backup apps evolve to meet the cloud via S3 and Azure, a new breed of backup appliances aims to build a single environment across cloud and on-premise Read More

Defining BC/DR strategies and responses

By Paul Kirvan 13 Sep 2013

Paul Kirvan shares tips on how to translate business continuity and disaster recovery strategies into specific action steps. Read More

Unitrends Cloud Backup protects remote endpoints

By Johnny Yu 09 May 2019

Unitrends Cloud Backup protects data on workstations through direct replication of endpoint devices to the cloud. UCB also enables direct restores from the Unitrends Cloud. Read More

How to fix the top 5 cybersecurity vulnerabilities

By Dave Shackleford 28 Jun 2019

Check out the top five cybersecurity vulnerabilities and find out how to prevent data loss or exposure, whether the problem is end-user gullibility, inadequate network monitoring or poor endpoint security defenses. Read More

5 crucial multi-cloud disaster recovery principles

By John Edwards 19 Oct 2018

A multi-cloud DR plan looks different for every organization, based on its needs. However, there are five universal precepts that can be applied to most multi-cloud strategies. Read More

Disaster recovery and business continuity: Essential guide

01 Nov 2016

Investing in technologies and processes that can safeguard an enterprise and its operations in the face of downtime should be a must for any business, as end-users can be remarkably unforgiving when unable to ... Read More

IBM partner ecosystem chief reveals next steps, Red Hat plans

By Spencer Smith ,John Moore 16 Aug 2019

IBM's partner ecosystem strategy has entered a new phase under David La Rose, who said extending Red Hat into new markets will be among his top priorities; more news from the week. Read More

French baby store modernises backup as Veeam handles 150TB a night

By Yann Serra 01 Jul 2019

France-based maternity, baby and children’s store Orchestra needed to share IT resources between 700 points of sale across multiple time zones, and backup for 100 applications Read More

IBM Cloud Paks open new business for channel partners

By John Moore ,Spencer Smith 02 Aug 2019

The IBM-Red Hat merger has produced IBM Cloud Paks, a new OpenShift-based product line. Executives said Cloud Paks will benefit both IBM and Red Hat's partners; other news. Read More