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Inside the Informatica Master Data Management portfolio

By Sue Hildreth 17 Oct 2016

Informatica Master Data Management is aimed at helping sales, marketing and customer service teams ensure they're working from the most relevant and accurate data available. Read More

Better team messaging app security could boost enterprise adoption

By Zeus Kerravala 23 Aug 2017

Enhanced team messaging app security, compliance and analytics could kindle adoption across enterprises. As an example, Cisco Spark just unveiled several updates. Read More

ASEAN’s growing appetite for unified communications

By Aaron Tan 27 Mar 2018

Led by enterprises in Singapore and Malaysia, adoption of unified communications tools is expected to grow with the surge in demand for cloud-based and hosted offerings Read More

Microsoft E5 plan supports new ATP, Skype functionality

By Steve Goodman 13 Jan 2016

Microsoft's new Office 365 E5 plan offers features applicable across the organization. But some of the new functionality isn't useful to all, and some features bring controversy. Read More

Build an application migration plan step by step

By Paul Korzeniowski 11 Dec 2017

To migrate apps to the cloud, start with nonessential workloads and move to more mission-critical ones from there. But, remember, some apps might not be suited for cloud at all. Read More

Workplace by Facebook, Amazon Chime and Walmart -- too big to ignore

By Luke O'Neill 21 Nov 2017

A little more than a year ago, Facebook crashed the unified communications party. The largest social network in the world launched Workplace by Facebook, a collaborative platform for business ... Read More

Personal email servers: What are the security risks?

By Michael Cobb 06 Apr 2016

Hillary Clinton has taken much criticism over the use of a personal email server. Expert Michael Cobb explains the risks of shadow IT email and what enterprises can do about them. Read More

GDPR and Trump changes will dominate storage and compliance in 2017

By Antony Adshead 29 Nov 2016

Vigitrust’s Mathieu Gorge looks forward to what 2017 has in store for legal and regulatory compliance, with milestones in the adoption of the General Data Protection Regulation and changes in the US under the Trump... Read More

A cure for secondary data storage services blues

03 Mar 2017

Effective user-centric data storage management eases copy data management and object storage uptake while enabling secondary storage services to evolve. Read More

Five strategies to migrate the e-discovery process to the cloud

05 Nov 2014

Follow this five-step strategy to ensure your e-discovery process and data management capabilities remain intact when moving operations to the cloud. Read More