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MailRetriever for Microsoft System Center DPM

13 Jan 2009

Learn about MailRetriever for Microsoft System Center DPM, a software package for browsing, searching, exporting and recovering email from a Microsoft EDB. Read More

Druva inSync adds cloud-to-cloud backup, Office 365 support

By Sonia Lelii 17 Jun 2015

Druva inSync backup software expands into cloud-to-cloud data protection and data governance for SaaS platforms by adding support for Microsoft Office 365. Read More

Q&A: The future of e-discovery technology as data processes evolve

By Ben Cole 17 May 2013

Information governance expert Jeffrey Ritter discusses how technology for e-discovery evolved, and how it influences data processes and management. Read More

Organizational development's influence on the e-discovery process

By John Weathington 18 Jul 2012

Contributor John Weathington explains the importance of organizational culture and structure when developing an e-discovery process. Read More

Predictive modeling's uses in finance, retail; what is a cloud architect?

By Francesca Sales 19 Sep 2014

Ever since the financial crisis of 2008, finance departments have been skeptical of the value of predictive modeling. Still, they're finding that current models are more advanced, and that ... Read More

ARMA 2013: Cloud, mobile-related e-discovery complications

By Ben Cole 05 Nov 2013

In this Q&A with ARMA 2013 speaker Veeral Gosalia, learn how mobile devices and the cloud complicate how organizations approach e-discovery strategy. Read More

Why financial organizations need a strong cloud security strategy

By Dave Shackleford 18 Aug 2015

A cloud security strategy is critical for financial organizations, but many in the industry are dragging their feet. Expert Dave Shackleford explains why. Read More

MI5 admits to ‘unlawful’ spying on Privacy International

By Bill Goodwin 25 Sep 2018

The UK's intelligence agencies acted unlawfully by intercepting communications data on NGO, Privacy International, the UK's most secret court ruled. Read More

Symantec to integrate Enterprise Vault with the cloud

By Beth Pariseau 20 Jan 2009

Symantec will link its Enterprise Vault archiving application to the Symantec Protection Network cloud by the end of this year. Read More

Q&A: Evolution of predictive coding technology in information governance

By Ben Cole 20 Nov 2013

Predictive coding is often lumped in with e-discovery, but smart businesses are using it for other data management benefits. Learn how in this Q&A. Read More