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Spotlight on top new Exchange 2013 features

By Matt Gervais 12 Jun 2013

There are several new Exchange 2013 features that should interest those debating an upgrade. We examine several standouts and how to work with them. Read More

Is being PCI DSS-compliant enough to protect customer data?

10 Oct 2014

Even if your company is PCI DSS-compliant, it could still fall prey to hackers seeking to exploit customer info. Discuss how to keep data safe in this month's #GRCchat. Read More

Key challenges of mobile compliance

By Antony Adshead 10 Sep 2015

Vigitrust CEO Mathieu Gorge surveys the key challenges of mobile device compliance and how mobile devices need to fit with regulations such as the Data Protection Act and PCI-DSS Read More

Track deleted email items after a central mailbox move

By Richard Luckett 19 Aug 2014

When you're stumped on how to track email items following a central mailbox move, fix the dilemma by knowing what happens to items in mailboxes when they move to a PST file. Read More

Webcast: Data on-demand forces new look at e-discovery tools, strategy

06 Sep 2013

In part three of this webcast, data governance expert Jeffrey Ritter discusses how paradigm shifts in data management are influencing e-discovery. Read More

Data discovery tools, processes valuable to information management

By Ben Cole 13 Jun 2013

New and emerging data discovery tools and processes are proving that they can provide benefits to business areas besides the legal department. Read More

Are text analytics tools the future of records management?

By Laurence Hart 02 Sep 2015

In recent years, text analytics tools have simplified the time-consuming and onerous work of records management. Read More

LegalTech: Putting together e-discovery pieces

04 Feb 2009

LegalTech news includes FTI's integration of Attenex IP, and product releases from Index Engines, Stratify, Mimosa Systems and StoredIQ. Read More

Don't let your cloud backup strategy take a back seat

By Alex Barrett 16 Mar 2016

Failing to see the difference between resiliency and data recovery, many organizations overlook the importance of having a cloud backup strategy. Read More

Who do you trust to retrain existing staff to handle that which you cannot risk to contractors?

By Philip Virgo 10 Feb 2015

But the travelling compliance "expert", who stays long enough to help you tick the latest regulatory boxes and collect the understanding and credentials to open the trapdoors in your security ... Read More