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Buying guide: Enterprise cloud storage from top consumer providers

By Robert Sheldon 09 Sep 2014

Consumer and enterprise cloud storage options abound, but how do you pick the one that's right for your company? Start by getting the facts on the four major players: Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive and ... Read More

Five tips to steer mobile information governance and security

By Francesca Sales 17 Jun 2014

When data is your most valued asset, BYOD and risk go hand in hand. These five tips can help steer your mobile information governance strategy. Read More

New mobile data access points complicate data protection strategies

By Emily McLaughlin 25 Feb 2014

In a world gone mobile, new devices inherently create new data access points and muddle IT's information governance and data protection strategies. Read More

Backup vs archive: Can they be merged?

By Manek Dubash 28 May 2014

As backup software suppliers build more archiving features into their products, we look at whether it’s possible to merge backup and archive systems Read More

Barracuda storage grows with new platforms, archiving acquisition

By Garry Kranz 15 Sep 2014

Data Protection Plus integrates Barracuda storage devices with tools to improve file sharing and information management. Read More

Third-party tools support an Exchange to Office 365 migration

By Stephen J. Bigelow 02 Dec 2015

Third-party tools are available to help migrate Exchange and non-Exchange platforms to Office 365. To choose the right option, consider data protection, control and speed. Read More

Cloud service brokers: Exploring information security pros and cons

By Ed Moyle 18 Jun 2014

Cloud service brokers can simplify management and reduce costs, but do they hinder security? Learn the cloud broker benefits and challenges. Read More

Contemporary digital information assets require new look at governance

By Jeffrey Ritter 30 Apr 2015

To protect and manage constantly evolving digital information assets, modern companies must reexamine data governance and classification. Read More

Negotiating SLA requirements to ensure cloud regulatory compliance

By Ed Moyle 11 Mar 2015

Outlining your enterprise regulatory compliance reporting needs and establishing these needs with cloud providers during SLA negotiations is critical. Ed Moyle outlines steps to help organizations get started. Read More

Two-speed IT at Gartner Catalyst, and which CDO role will prevail?

By Francesca Sales 15 Aug 2014

John Deere's director of enterprise architecture Mano Mannoochahr kicked off the big data discussion at this week's Gartner Catalyst Conference in San Diego, and his keynote sparked some discussion ... Read More