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SOX compliance reliant on data governance strategy, with IT support

By Harvey R. Koeppel 03 Oct 2014

SOX compliance hinges on an effective data governance strategy, but much needed help is available from information technology tools and processes. Read More

Bring-your-own-device (BYOD) and legal/regulatory compliance

29 Nov 2011

Bring-your-own-device seems to be an irresistible tide, as employees connect endpoints to the network. So, what can you do to mitigate threats to compliance? Read More

Information governance tips for 'paralyzed' records managers

By Lauren Horwitz 10 Oct 2013

Records managers now confront a growing -- and daunting -- volume of information. Get tips for navigating the storm. Read More

Exchange 2010 archiving could significantly increase SAN expense

By Andrew Burton 03 May 2010

Exchange 2010's new archiving features can save money on storage when used with direct attached storage or JBODs, but gets a lot more costly when stored on a SAN. Read More

Blurred lines: Online file-sharing services vs. ECM software

By Lauren Horwitz 16 Dec 2013

Online file-sharing services are encroaching on the ECM software market. So let's get this straight: What's the difference between the two? Read More

Use the Exchange dumpster for long-term data retention at your own risk

By Serdar Yegulalp 04 Aug 2011

The Exchange dumpster has the potential to be used as a long-term retention tool, but using it that way may cause more problems than it solves. Here's why. Read More

Use virtualization technologies to remove the hassle of e-discovery

By Frank Ohlhorst 16 May 2011

Compliance affects numerous technologies in the enterprise. Many compliance officers already know this and strive to make sure that data is properly protected, secured, audited and archived. ... Read More

Introduction to vulnerability management tools

By Ed Tittel 12 Jan 2016

Expert Ed Tittel explores how vulnerability management tools can help organizations of all sizes uncover defense weaknesses and close security gaps before they are exploited by attackers. Read More

Cloud compliance: What it is and how to achieve it

03 May 2011

Cloud compliance is an issue for anyone using cloud storage or backup services. What do you need to know about your data, and how do you ensure it is compliant when in the cloud? Read More

HP overhauls Riss

By Beth Pariseau 01 Oct 2007

Fessing up to bugs and an unworkable pricing scheme in previous versions of its data archiving product, HP has relaunched RISS as the Integrated Archive Platform. Read More