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Use the Exchange dumpster for long-term data retention at your own risk

By Serdar Yegulalp 04 Aug 2011

The Exchange dumpster has the potential to be used as a long-term retention tool, but using it that way may cause more problems than it solves. Here's why. Read More

Two-speed IT at Gartner Catalyst, and which CDO role will prevail?

By Francesca Sales 15 Aug 2014

John Deere's director of enterprise architecture Mano Mannoochahr kicked off the big data discussion at this week's Gartner Catalyst Conference in San Diego, and his keynote sparked some discussion ... Read More

Information governance tips for 'paralyzed' records managers

By Lauren Horwitz 10 Oct 2013

Records managers now confront a growing -- and daunting -- volume of information. Get tips for navigating the storm. Read More

SOX compliance reliant on data governance strategy, with IT support

By Harvey R. Koeppel 03 Oct 2014

SOX compliance hinges on an effective data governance strategy, but much needed help is available from information technology tools and processes. Read More

Blurred lines: Online file-sharing services vs. ECM software

By Lauren Horwitz 16 Dec 2013

Online file-sharing services are encroaching on the ECM software market. So let's get this straight: What's the difference between the two? Read More

Negotiating SLA requirements to ensure cloud regulatory compliance

By Ed Moyle 11 Mar 2015

Outlining your enterprise regulatory compliance reporting needs and establishing these needs with cloud providers during SLA negotiations is critical. Ed Moyle outlines steps to help organizations get started. Read More

Contemporary digital information assets require new look at governance

By Jeffrey Ritter 30 Apr 2015

To protect and manage constantly evolving digital information assets, modern companies must reexamine data governance and classification. Read More

An intro to RBAC management in Exchange 2013

By Brien Posey 02 Apr 2013

Microsoft rebuilt the RBAC feature in Exchange 2013, so it's important to familiarize yourself with the basics. Start here. Read More

Managed services meets e-discovery

By John Moore 13 Jun 2011

Legal MSPs see growth even as more companies bring e-discovery in-house. Read More

Third-party tools support an Exchange to Office 365 migration

By Stephen J. Bigelow 02 Dec 2015

Third-party tools are available to help migrate Exchange and non-Exchange platforms to Office 365. To choose the right option, consider data protection, control and speed. Read More