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IaaS on a budget: Working with low-cost virtual asset inventory tools

By Ed Moyle 19 Dec 2012

Funding for security tools can be difficult to get. Ed Moyle offers alternative, low-cost tools to use for virtual asset inventorying. Read More

Healthcare IT eyes medical record digitization hurdle

By Beth Pariseau 17 Feb 2009

Part of President Obama's economic stimulus plan calls for the digitization of medical records, but healthcare IT people worry their industry may not be prepared to take on the project. Read More

Measure your data assets' value; the net neutrality debate rages on

By Francesca Sales 09 May 2014

How valuable is your data? If you're a CIO or chief financial officer and manage data every day, you'd probably say very  -- which begs the next question: Exactly how much value does your data ... Read More

Avoid the information governance traps of BYOD management

By Jeffrey Ritter 07 May 2014

Employees strive to stay connected and improve mobile data access, but BYOD creates overlooked information governance traps. Here's how to avoid them. Read More

Weighing the balance of Big Data, Web analytics and compliance

By Frank Ohlhorst 07 Sep 2010

The term Big Data has been flying around the enterprise for the last two years or so, simultaneously creating a lot of excitement but driving many concerns, especially in the realm of compliance. ... Read More

Compliance and storage in the airline industry

By Antony Adshead 03 Feb 2014

Airlines must manage multiple sources of data to comply with legal and industry requirements, and anti-terrorism measures Read More

E-discover the gaps in your information management process

14 Jul 2009

Information management processes are the biggest IT-related weakness in any given organization, but they can be strengthened by clearly defined retention policies. Read More

CIO interview: Chris White, Clyde & Co

By Mark Samuels 12 Oct 2016

Clyde & Co’s CIO talks about the growing importance of IT in law firms and how to push the power of digital transformation Read More

Developing business scenarios for BC/DR exercise planning

By Paul Kirvan 09 Jul 2013

Begin developing effective business scenarios in your BC/DR exercise planning by first understanding your own business and how it works. Read More

CommVault Simpana 9 Service Pack 8

By Andrew Burton 13 Feb 2013

The CommVault Simpana 9 Service Pack 8 enterprise backup software platform offers OnePass and ContentStore, and virtual server backup enhancements. Read More