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Guide to vendor-specific IT security certifications

By Ed Tittel 09 Jun 2017

The abundance of vendor-specific information technology security certifications can overwhelm any infosec professional. Expert Ed Tittel helps navigate the crowded field. Read More

How to audit cookies for compliance with PECR regulations

By Alan Calder 21 Feb 2012

Concerned about the PECR regulations for website tracking cookies? Learn how to audit cookies on your site to find out if you are in compliance. Read More

The challenges of information governance in our increasingly litigious age

18 Jun 2013

Formulating the right enterprise-wide information governance policies is essential in heading off potential legal and compliance costs Read More

Exchange 2016 upgrade considerations

By Steve Bryant 23 May 2016

Organizations planning an upgrade to Exchange 2013 or Exchange 2016 should focus on five areas to avoid trouble. Read More

Guide to enterprise social networking governance and compliance

23 Aug 2010

Social networking governance policies should encourage active online participation while mirroring existing business conduct and compliance policies. Read More

How to perform a next-generation network security audit

By Kevin Beaver 14 Oct 2014

The rapid evolution of networks has created a number of challenges for security admins, especially when it comes to network security audits. Expert Kevin Beaver offers pointers on performing a next-gen network ... Read More

It's time to reevaluate your email data retention policies

By Kevin Beaver 13 May 2014

Email is critical to most businesses, so Exchange should be front and center in an organization's data retention program. Read More

An introduction to Microsoft Office 365 security

By Dave Shackleford 25 Jun 2014

The Microsoft Office 365 security features are robust, but may not offer the granularity some enterprises need. Expert Dave Shackleford reviews the security pros and cons of Microsoft's cloud-based productivity ... Read More

A records retention schedule helps assure efficiency and defensibility

By Ben Cole 08 Jul 2013

(This blog post was written by Marilyn Bier, chief executive officer for ARMA International.) It's tempting to hang on to every document and every email message we create and receive because we ... Read More

Getting started with cloud archiving: Tips for smaller businesses

By Marc Staimer 15 Mar 2010

Data archiving should be implemented into all data storage environments, and cloud archiving may be the best cost-effective ways for SMBs to go about doing this. Read More