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E-discovery a must-have for SMBs: How to choose an electronic discovery tool

05 Oct 2009

Many SMBs find e-discovery tools helpful with their storage and compliance needs. Learn about why they're helpful for your SMB and what e-discovery tool is right for you. Read More

How SharePoint 2010 simplifies e-discovery

By Brien Posey 01 Jul 2011

SharePoint 2010 gives you access to far more e-discovery features than any previous release -- features that will ease compliance issues when they arise. Read More

Passing the baton on Cybersecurity Skills

By Philip Virgo 31 May 2019

This year will be the first time I visit Infosec with no agenda. Or to be more precise I will have a Community Safety rather than a Cybersecurity Skills Agenda. This has caused me to take a cool ... Read More

SME backup products offer diverse routes to the cloud

By Antony Adshead 27 Feb 2019

We take the temperature on cloud-era SME-focused backup products that come as “traditional” software, replication-centric protection environments and hardware appliances Read More

IT compliance: FAQs about IT operations, regulations and standards

21 Sep 2010

This index links to resources about the relationship between IT operations and compliance regulations and standards, including HIPAA, e-discovery, SOX and PCI. Read More

How e-discovery and email archiving tools address litigation in SMBs

By Alan Radding 23 Apr 2009

Between litigation, compliance, audits and internal initiatives, SMBs can effectively leverage e-discovery tools. This article explores how e-discovery and email archiving fit in the SMB market. Read More

Archiving vendors beef up integration

12 Oct 2007

CA, Autonomy and Prostor look to differentiate products in a sea of archiving and e-discovery compliance players. Read More

HP takes new stab at e-discovery market with Integrated Archive Platform

28 Sep 2007

HP overhauls its RISS data archiving system for e-discovery and compliance market, renaming it Integrated Archive Platform. Read More

Email archiving solutions and strategies for enterprise CIOs

06 Oct 2009

Effective email archiving solutions and strategies are an important part of a CIO's job, as e-discovery, litigation and compliance regulations require detailed email policies. Read More

Cloud App Discovery spotlights shadow IT users

By Steve Goodman 16 Oct 2017

Employees that use unsanctioned apps can jeopardize the business. Cloud App Discovery generates detailed reports on unapproved services to help IT mitigate risk. Read More