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Google beefs up Search Appliance - will e-Discovery search follow?

By Beth Pariseau 02 Jun 2009

Google Inc.'s Search Appliance (GSA) got a facelift today with the release of version 6.0. The focus of the release was adding scalability. Google claims that racks full of the modular appliances ... Read More

The Web of social media and compliance: Online privacy regulations

17 Aug 2009

Compliance officers should review online privacy regulations before drafting social media usage policies that set expectations for online privacy. Read More

What online privacy expectations exist for social media use at work?

By Guy Pardon 04 Aug 2009

If you read Professor Jonathan Zittrain’s rebuttal on cloud computing to Bernard Golden at CIO.com today, you know that both agree that privacy is the No. 1 concern for cloud computing. Compliance ... Read More

PCI encryption requirements: Limiting PCI scope with P2P encryption

By Ed Moyle 30 Nov 2010

P2P encryption, or encryption of data in transit, has long been a point of confusion for PCI DSS-bound merchants. In this tip, expert Ed Moyle explains the PCI SSC's recent guidance on P2P encryption. Read More

Data classification key to IP protection, says Titus

By Warwick Ashford 29 May 2015

Data classification can help organisations get more value out of encryption and data loss prevention systems Read More

How to meet data retention compliance in a Windows environment

11 Sep 2008

To achieve data retention compliance, Windows managers must take an active role in learning data retention policies and creating procedures to support them. Read More

Kazeon boosts data classification with e-discovery features

25 Aug 2008

Kazeon updates its data classification model with e-discovery features that allow in-place legal holds and data collection from laptops and desktops. However, some analysts wonder how the data classification ... Read More

Podcast: Data governance metrics help prove information management ROI

By Ben Cole 30 Oct 2012

It can be difficult to prove your information management processes work. Here's how using data governance metrics can help you evaluate those processes. Read More

Building digital trust: Making the most of your information assets

By Ben Cole 06 Feb 2014

Corporate success is increasingly reliant on information asset management. Jeffrey Ritter explains why building 'digital trust' can help. Read More

Performing due diligence before signing a cloud SLA

03 Jan 2012

Cloud computing isn’t without risks. But companies can cover their assets by performing some due diligence before signing a service-level agreement. Read More