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Social media in the enterprise moves beyond monitoring

By Laura Aberle 26 Aug 2014

Monitoring is a critical part of social media in the enterprise, but now companies face the challenge of analyzing, engaging and acting rather than just listening. Read More

Electronic discovery critical to health of company, IT organization

By John Weathington 02 Jul 2009

Electronic discovery can turn into an e-nightmare. But an efficient and lean IT organization and a good litigation contingency plan is the key to sustained success. Read More

Cloud-based email archiving pros and cons

By Rick Cook 25 Jul 2011

Cloud-based archiving is an attractive proposition for many firms, but before you start using the cloud, there are some things you need to consider. Read More

Act now to prevent smartphone security risks at your organization

22 Aug 2011

Smartphone security risks have become a huge compliance challenge for many enterprises, but being proactive and implementing security policies can help prevent smartphone hacking. Read More

Digital Reef helps law firm with data classification SaaS for e-discovery

20 May 2010

Digital Reef's Virtual Governance Warehouse data classification Software as a Service (SaaS) helps law firm speed e-discovery with document clustering and conceptual search features. Read More

E-discovery best practices

08 Apr 2009

To establish best practices for e-discovery and data retention, data storage professionals must collaborate with their legal teams. Read More

Eight principles of information governance and risk management

By Ben Cole 15 Apr 2013

(This blog post was written by Marilyn Bier, chief executive officer of ARMA International.) Organizations depend on information to manage day-to-day operations, comply with regulations, gauge ... Read More

Managing Online Risk

01 Apr 2016

In this excerpt of Managing Online Risk, author Deborah Gonzalez outlines the main steps of a risk management model. Read More

The modern myths of information governance training, storage costs

By Ben Cole 31 Jul 2014

In the second part of this Q&A, Jeffrey Ritter concludes his discussion on data management myths by explaining common misconceptions about storage costs and information governance training. Read More

Data security: The missing piece of e-discovery (but not for long)

By Paul F. Roberts 21 Jul 2009

There's an elephant in the e-discovery room: data security, in the form of porous networks, sophisticated hackers, malicious insiders and altered electronic records. Read More