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Iron Mountain Digital to add e-discovery features to PC cloud data backup service

By Beth Pariseau 28 Aug 2009

Iron Mountain plans to add data classification IP from its Avalere acquisition into its cloud backup services this year, starting with the Connected service for PCs. Read More

What to consider when storing data in the cloud

By Marc Staimer 25 Sep 2013

Storage administrators who want to keep data in the cloud need to consider collaboration regulations, cost factors and performance requirements. Read More

Storage Expo preview: Why e-mail is a legal timebomb

By Alan Pelz-Sharpe 05 Sep 2008

E-mail is the data type that nobody wants to know about - it is a huge problem. The storage teams do not want to know, the mail teams do not know how to cope, and the compliance issues grow just as fast as the ... Read More

Expert tips for a successful information management strategy

10 Jan 2014

In this video Q&A, eDJ Group CEO Barry Murphy explains why mobility and cloud use make data profiling vital to an information management strategy. Read More

Building a business case for SAP data archiving

By Frank Ohlhorst 27 May 2010

Successfully implementing SAP raises the concern of managing the massive amounts of data collected. Get tips on how to build a business case for SAP data archiving. Read More

LegalTech 2009: The intersection of e-discovery and information governance

By Guy Pardon 11 Feb 2009

This is a guest post from Barclay T. Blair, author of Information Nation and head of the information governance practice at Forensics Consulting Solutions LLC. Last week I made the trek to New York ... Read More

Data warehousing between a rock and a hard place

By Lou Agosta 05 Feb 2009

The position of this article is a skeptical one that data warehousing, e-discovery (email) and enterprise content (document) management will not converge. Read More

Sherpa beefs up Exchange archive software

25 Mar 2009

With government compliance mandates expected to grow, Sherpa adds search and management capabilities to its Archive Attender Exchange archiving application. Read More

Important considerations in compliance tool selection

02 Jan 2008

Storage isn't just a matter of placing data on media. Organizations are now obliged to comply with data storage and retention requirements. Read More

Channel Explained: Email security

15 Sep 2008

With email being the primary form of communication in most businesses, the importance of email security cannot be overlooked. In this Channel Explained piece, you'll learn how to deploy this technology, how to test... Read More