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Data warehousing between a rock and a hard place

By Lou Agosta 05 Feb 2009

The position of this article is a skeptical one that data warehousing, e-discovery (email) and enterprise content (document) management will not converge. Read More

Expert tips for a successful information management strategy

10 Jan 2014

In this video Q&A, eDJ Group CEO Barry Murphy explains why mobility and cloud use make data profiling vital to an information management strategy. Read More

Managing Online Risk

01 Apr 2016

In this excerpt of Managing Online Risk, author Deborah Gonzalez outlines the main steps of a risk management model. Read More

Channel Explained: Email security

15 Sep 2008

With email being the primary form of communication in most businesses, the importance of email security cannot be overlooked. In this Channel Explained piece, you'll learn how to deploy this technology, how to test... Read More

Important considerations in compliance tool selection

02 Jan 2008

Storage isn't just a matter of placing data on media. Organizations are now obliged to comply with data storage and retention requirements. Read More

Sherpa beefs up Exchange archive software

25 Mar 2009

With government compliance mandates expected to grow, Sherpa adds search and management capabilities to its Archive Attender Exchange archiving application. Read More

A data management strategy without policies spells doom

By Christina Torode 09 Nov 2010

There is a need for speed when it comes to data retrieval, but a successful data management strategy begins with data classification, retention and storage policies. Read More

How to purchase an e-discovery tool

17 Jan 2008

E-discovery tools provide powerful search capabilities that can quickly process and index billions of files based on keywords and other common metadata. The tools can also present search results in forms that are ... Read More

Sepaton adds data erasure technology for virtual tape libraries with Secure Erasure

By Todd Erickson 14 Jun 2010

Sepaton launches Secure Erasure technology, which completely erases data on virtual tape library (VTL) cartridges so that no forensic data remains, and provides an auditable paper trail for organizations with ... Read More

Enterprise content management helps crank up information governance

By John Weathington 29 Jul 2010

Enterprise content management tools have become important building blocks for compliance officers piecing together information governance strategies. Find out why. Read More