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Enterprise content management helps crank up information governance

By John Weathington 29 Jul 2010

Enterprise content management tools have become important building blocks for compliance officers piecing together information governance strategies. Find out why. Read More

Computer automation is already changing everything

By Scot Petersen 08 Mar 2011

I am a fan of the Science Channel shows "Factory Made" and "How It's Made." I find it fascinating how automated factories can do everything from build light bulbs and create fireproof suits or ... Read More

Will EMC acquisition put Archer ahead of the enterprise GRC pack?

By Linda Tucci 11 Jan 2010

A leader in IT governance, risk and compliance, Archer Technologies has worked to establish itself in enterprise GRC. Now, what does EMC's acquisition mean? Read More

Will regulatory compliance, controlling user access bring Novell back?

By Frank Ohlhorst 27 Sep 2010

There was a time when Novell was a giant and NetWare ruled supreme. But as with other giants before and after, it took only a few bad strategic decisions for the company to slide off its throne. ... Read More

Email archiving and e-discovery best practices for Microsoft Exchange

23 Apr 2008

Learn Exchange Server email archiving and e-discovery best practices, including how to implement backups, email retention and archiving strategies. Read More

Further thoughts on self-healing storage

By Beth Pariseau 11 Apr 2008

In case you're like me and can't get enough of the technical nitty-gritty on the new self-healing storage systems from Atrato and Xiotech, here are some tidbits from the cutting room floor so to ... Read More

E-discovery: A primer for financial organizations

07 Apr 2008

E-discovery has led to some confusion at financial firms -- What is it? Why is it important? How does it apply to my organization? What can I do about it? This primer by Forsythe analyst Clyde Hewitt answers these ... Read More

Keep compliance data safe when using cloud archiving

By Todd Erickson 05 Aug 2011

Legitimate concerns remain about using cloud archiving for compliance data, but many security and data location issues have been solved. Read More

SharePoint in healthcare settings can boost employee policy training

By Reda Chouffani 29 Apr 2013

SharePoint in healthcare has myriad uses: training employees, distributing compliance policy updates and more. Here's how to get the most ROI. Read More

Early case assessment tools for e-discovery

By Joshua Konkle 04 Jun 2008

E-discovery is a costly but necessary process for any customer facing litigation -- which increasingly means most of your customers. Learn how early case assessment tools can help reduce e-discovery costs for your ... Read More