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Managing the HR and compliance issues of social networking

By Ted Ritter 15 Feb 2010

Enterprise social networking tools heighten business collaboration, but they also introduce new risks and challenges. In the absence of an aggressive, risk-based approach to HR and compliance regulations, business ... Read More

Data retention policies and procedures for SMBs

By Kevin Beaver 22 Jun 2009

Data retention isn't just something larger enterprises can afford to worry about; it's also important for SMBs to have data retention policies and procedures in place. Read More

Microsoft Exchange Server email archiving tutorial

06 May 2009

Take a closer look at email archiving in Microsoft Exchange Server. Find out how journaling and archiving work in concert, read FAQs and tutorials on journaling, storage management and managed folders and get the ... Read More

Guidelines for Windows malware attack prevention and protection

By Kevin Beaver 18 Apr 2013

If you want to protect your servers from hacking and destructive Windows malware, you need to move beyond traditional antivirus protection. Read More

E-discovery, archiving vendors team up at LegalTech

06 Feb 2008

Partnerships announced at this week's LegalTech conference could give users a jump-start when it comes to e-discovery planning. Read More

Unstructured data management can unlock competitive edge

By Christine Parizo 28 Feb 2014

Unstructured content has been the bane of companies trying to govern corporate information, but successful management can be your competitive edge. Read More

Maintaining compliance with HIPAA security requirements in the cloud

By Ed Moyle 08 Apr 2011

What do you do if you discover after the fact that PHI has already been moved to a cloud provider? Read More

Scale aside, cloud computing compliance still worries IT managers

25 Jun 2009

The question of whether an enterprise can leverage economies of scale with the cloud and still be able to address cloud computing compliance remains serious to IT practitioners. Read More

Endpoint device management key to controlling corporate data

By Jon Toigo 22 Mar 2013

Storage expert Jon Toigo analyzes how security, bandwidth constraints and cloud services factor into endpoint device management strategies. Read More

Cloud-based features a big benefit when you buy Exchange 2013

By Steve Goodman 25 Nov 2013

When you implement Exchange 2013 in your organization, you'll become less reliant on third-party software and better prepared for the cloud. Read More