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Storage encryption: Which UK compliance requirements need storage encryption?

09 Mar 2011

UK organisations are often required to have storage encryption, but which laws and industry regulations require it and how do you build compliance into a data security strategy? Read More

Public sector backup strategy: Easier than ever; harder than ever

By Antony Adshead 20 Feb 2013

Public sector backup strategy is a complex beast that must operate in large and heterogenous IT environments. Read More

Small business email archiving services primer

21 Mar 2011

In this podcast interview, find out about the challenges SMBs face with email archiving, the different types of email archiving services, hybrid email archiving and affordable products for SMBs. Read More

Better user adoption of SharePoint ECM needs a flexible approach

By Laura Aberle 17 Apr 2014

For widespread adoption of SharePoint ECM features, find out how users work and be ready to adapt to their processes. Read More

Data classification policy: What it is and how to do it

21 Jun 2012

Data classification is key to efficient storage, security and compliance. In this podcast Vigitrust’s Mathieu Gorge talks about the fundamentals of a data classification policy. Read More

RenewData acquires legal review software maker

By Beth Pariseau 12 Aug 2009

RenewData announced today it's bought the privately-held Digital Mandate for an undisclosed sum, and plans to add Digital Mandate's Vestigate legal review software to its eDiscovery software as a ... Read More

How can companies get internal sponsorship for an email archiving project?

03 Apr 2008

This is always a difficult question, but the answer goes back to the three reasons why we believe companies should... Read More

Google offers firms hosted e-mail archiving for up to ten years

By Antony Savvas 09 Oct 2008

Google is offering firms a managed e-mail archiving service that will cover messages for up to ten years. Read More

Determining cloud TCO vs. in-house IT costs

By Frank Ohlhorst 28 Sep 2010

If you think cloud TCO is measured solely by a reduction in up-front costs, you're oversimplifying the equation. Learn how to measure the true value of cloud services in this tip. Read More

Surviving e-discovery

07 Sep 2007

It's been eight months since the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure were amended, and e-discovery rulings are all over the map, creating chaos for companies that must comply. Read More