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electronic discovery (e-discovery or ediscovery)

Electronic discovery (also called e-discovery or ediscovery) refers to any process in which electronic data is sought, located, secured, and searched with the intent of using it as evidence in a civil or criminal ... Read Full Definition

discovery mailbox

A discovery mailbox is used to perform e-discovery searches for Exchange Server and Exchange Online environments. Read Full Definition

EDRM (electronic discovery reference model)

The Electronic Discovery Reference Model (EDRM) is a framework that outlines standards for the recovery and discovery and of digital data. Read Full Definition

business process discovery

Business process discovery, also called process discovery, is a collection of tools and techniques used to define, map and analyze an organization�s existing business processes. Read Full Definition

service discovery

Service discovery is the automatic detection of devices and offered services over a network that is used to minimize configuration efforts for administrators. Read Full Definition

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data discovery platform

A data discovery platform is a complete set of tools for the purpose of detecting patterns, and those outlier results outside of patterns, in data. Read Full Definition

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Cisco Discovery Protocol

The Cisco Discovery Protocol is a Layer-2 protocol used to share data about other Cisco equipment that is directly connected nearby. Read Full Definition

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UDDI (Universal Description, Discovery, and Integration)

UDDI (Universal Description, Discovery, and Integration) is an XML-based registry for businesses worldwide to list themselves on the Internet. Read Full Definition

link layer discovery protocol (LLDP)

The link layer discovery protocol (LLDP) is an open and extendable part of the Internet protocol suite used in IEEE 802 to advertise a device’s identity and abilities, as well as other devices connected within the ... Read Full Definition

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compliance automation

Compliance automation, also known as automated compliance, is a category of software applications that use artificial intelligence (AI) features and technology to simplify compliance procedures. Read Full Definition

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