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What are the main differences between SMB accounting software and an ERP system?

sponsored by Oracle NetSuite Published: 13 Dec 2017 White Paper

This white paper drills down into the true differences between SMB-scale accounting apps and fully realized ERP systems. Learn more about the two types of accounting and financial apps to see which one has the ...

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Navigating the Cloud ERP Software Market

sponsored by Sage Enterprise Published: 19 Dec 2016 eGuide

It's challenging to navigate through the vast ERP cloud landscape. Inside this expert e-guide, learn how to lay out guidelines for selecting the right ERP software for your business. Plus, uncover why now is the ...

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Intelligent ERP: The Software for Digital Transformation

sponsored by SAP Published: 31 Oct 2016 White Paper

The idea of "intelligent ERP," which places a bigger emphasis on machine learning and predictive analytics, is quickly gaining popularity and replacing outdated systems. Download this IDC report to learn about ...

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Financial Impact of ERP Software Upgrade

sponsored by Sage Enterprise Published: 31 Jan 2016 Research Content

In this Forrester report explore the potential return on investment your organization can have with the potential financial impact from Sage Enterprise Management system. Discover how each organization utilized ...

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What is ERP? The Ultimate Guide

sponsored by Sage Software Published: 31 Jan 2017 White Paper

If you're struggling with issues like the implementation and maintenance costs of ERP, a poor user experience or being unable to adapt your chosen software to the demands of your business, this guide will reveal ...

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Four Reasons to Consolidate Your ERP Software

sponsored by IFS Published: 21 Jan 2016 White Paper

In this white paper you will uncover the benefits of consolidating your ERP software. Discover 4 specific reasons why you should consolidate. Plus, learn some common challenges businesses face in ERP consolidation ...

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Cch Tagetik Lease Accounting Solution

sponsored by Tagetik Software Published: 26 Oct 2017 Product Overview

With the new IFRS 16 and ASC 842 lease standards focusing on transparency of lease obligations on the balance sheet, there is a significant amount of lease data that must now be collected, calculated, reported and ...

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Product Introduction: CCH Tagetik Revenue Accounting Solution

sponsored by Tagetik Software Published: 25 Oct 2017 Product Overview

It can be tough weeding through the thicket of accounting programs and revenue tools available. How can you find one that is fast, flexible, and right for you? Allow this introduction to the CCH Tagetik Revenue ...

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Cloud ERP: Emerging As A Replacement To On-Premise

sponsored by Sage Software Published: 07 Apr 2017 White Paper

Today, businesses of all sizes and industries are accessing core enterprise applications via the cloud. Since ERP is the most important suite of software applications for many businesses, it makes sense that this, ...

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ERP Checklist: Compare Enterprise Business Management Technology

sponsored by Sage Software Published: 07 Apr 2017 White Paper

The right ERP business management software can give your finance team a holistic view of business — increasing productivity and helping accelerate compliance, integration and growth with better insight to costs and...

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