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Connected Supply Chain Planning

sponsored by Anaplan Published: 13 Feb 2018 White Paper

Discover how to spend less time aggregating and more time analyzing your supply chain data so that you can enable better, faster decision-making for supply chain planning and management.

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Supply Chain Management & IoT: Just Another Evolution?

sponsored by Vitria Technology, Inc. Published: 31 Dec 2016 White Paper

How are big data and IoT impacting supply chain management and ERP? Find out how to harness the power of these two trends to optimize supply chains with data lakes, real-time streaming analytics, predictive ...

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5 Tips for Managing Food and Beverage Supply Chain

sponsored by IFS Published: 31 Dec 2014 White Paper

How can your organization devise a strategy to help them handle food and beverage supply chain more effectively? Discover how you can streamline your supply chain, maintain compliance with food safety guidelines, ...

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Understanding Supply Chain Risks

sponsored by TechTarget Published: 03 Oct 2017 Resource

As trade policies continue to shift, do you know how evolving technologies like the internet of things (IoT), big data analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) are impacting supply chains? Unlock the answers in ...

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The Path to a Thinking Supply Chain

sponsored by IBM Published: 30 Jun 2017 Research Content

Supply chains have 50x more data available than they did 5 years ago, according to IDC – but less than 25% of that data is being analyzed in near-real-time. Download this full IDC report for more on the benefits of...

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Connecting Supply Chain Planning to Profitability

sponsored by Anaplan Published: 31 Dec 2017 White Paper

Find out how you can create a leaner and more cost-effective supply chain by achieving true collaboration with finance across data, people, and plans.

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Which Link in Your Supply Chain Could be Stronger?

sponsored by IBM Published: 07 Jun 2018 Assessment Tool

How much does local information – such as traffic, weather and local store inventories – inform your supply chain operations? Take this 4-question assessment to diagnose your supply chain management on 4 qualities ...

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Data Modeling Sabotages Supply Chain Analytics

sponsored by Incorta Published: 21 Sep 2018 White Paper

Analytics has the potential to drive operational efficiencies by providing visibility into your supply chain. Download this white paper to discover the benefits of using a modern approach to supply chain analytics ...

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Uniting IoT and Supply Chain Analytics

sponsored by Vitria Technology, Inc. Published: 12 Jul 2017 eGuide

Discover what steps you can take to implement a sound supply chain analytics strategy that accommodates IoT-sized data volumes and generates real-time insights.

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Architecting a Digital Supply Chain

sponsored by Birst Published: 11 Jul 2016 Case Study

In this case study, learn how Citrix was able to aggregate over 400 sources of data to build a digital supply chain that grants near real-time visibility into sales forecasts, bookings, backlog, shipments, ...

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