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CW ASEAN – December 2018: How to make the right cloud infrastructure choices

sponsored by ComputerWeekly.com Published: 20 Dec 2018 Ezine

In this month's edition of CW ASEAN, we take a look at the considerations when choosing infrastructure as a service, and what needs to be in place for enterprises to get the most out of the cloud computing ...

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CW ASEAN: SD-WAN helps find best route to cloud

sponsored by ComputerWeekly.com Published: 12 Apr 2018 Ezine

This year, more enterprises will adopt a "cloud-first" SD-WAN architecture designed to efficiently support their increasingly cloud-based application mix. In this issue of CW ASEAN, we take a closer look at how ...

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Mobile World Congress 2019: The year 5G use cases got real

sponsored by ComputerWeekly.com Published: 12 Mar 2019 eGuide

In this e-guide we will examine some of the bigger themes that emerged over the course of Mobile World Congress 2019 - which now attracts over 100,000 people every year.

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Why Cloud Computing is Requiring us to Rethink Resiliency at the Edge

sponsored by Schneider Electric Published: 13 Feb 2018 White Paper

Discover best practices for network connectivity and physical infrastructure management so that you can ensure employees stay connected to the critical apps they need.

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Leading Retailers Will Use Data to Enhance Shopper Experience in 2019

sponsored by Samsung Electronics Published: 31 Jan 2019 Resource

Previously data-dark retail stores are now sporting various forms of data collection like IoT sensors and in-store analytics for real-time reaction speeds. For the fastest reaction speeds - edge processing should ...

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Edge computing and faster networking drive data center changes

sponsored by TechTarget Published: 30 Jun 2018 Resource

Promises of faster network speeds, increased security, and bandwidth savings are driving interest in edge computing. In fact, Gartner predicts that 40% of all enterprises will have a full-blown edge computing ...

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3 Steps to a Cloud-Ready WAN in 2018

sponsored by Apcela Published: 25 Apr 2018 Webcast

State of the wan 2018 and wan security, 3 simple steps to a cloud ready wan: map your apps to the cloud, leverage distributed communications hubs, deploy app aware routing and auto, key considerations for wan and ...

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The Connected Datacenter: How Enterprises Can Benefit from Network-Enabled Colocation

sponsored by Flexential Published: 08 May 2019 White Paper

Inside this analyst report from 451 Research, find out how organizations are finding a middle-ground between edge and hardware demands with network-enabled colocation – earning them the latency perks of edge ...

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Scaling the Edge: How Edge Computing Looks Today

sponsored by Nfina Technologies Published: 24 May 2019 White Paper

While edge computing continues to gain traction in modern enterprises, not everyone is up to speed with all of its current use cases – or how they apply to their own enterprise. Keep reading to flip through some of...

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5G Adoption: Current Rate in 2019

sponsored by ComputerWeekly.com Published: 12 Apr 2019 Ezine

There are many potential uses of 5G networks when they become mainstream. But how close are we to actually achieving them? Some network equipment makers and telcos predict that such services are expected to arrive ...

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