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Can next-gen SIEM help cybersecurity initiatives?

By Kerry Doyle 16 Sep 2019

More organizations are using SIEM, AI and cloud technology to minimize security breaches. Though despite interest, this combination is still in its infancy. Read More

Medical IoT devices lead to patient safety concerns

By Leon Lerman 02 Oct 2019

Medical device cybersecurity is a must, but it requires cooperation from several departments. A combination of training, sensible policies, enforcement and automation can help keep patients safe ... Read More

New Gurucul network traffic analysis tool debuts

By Tanner Harding 01 Aug 2019

Gurucul's new Network Behavior Analytics tool uses machine learning analytics to provide a full view of network activity to identify and monitor unusual activity from any entity. Read More

Defending Industrial IoT – the truth lies in the data

By Gavin Hill 31 Jul 2019

Network traffic analytics could be the key to effectively protect IoT devices from cyber-risk. Bitdefender's Gavin Hill discusses the potential aftermath of a cyberattack and how to prevent it. Read More

Ransomware back on the rise

By Simon Quicke 24 Jul 2019

Security specialists need to remain focused on dealing with a problem that has made an unwelcome return to growth in the UK Read More

Emerging IoT attack surfaces present attackers with tempting new targets

By Carolyn Crandall 08 Oct 2019

The spread of IoT devices and data in the data center and cloud of an organization means that attackers have more opportunities to break into its systems. Read More

CrowdStrike IPO success puts spotlight on endpoint security

By Mekhala Roy 13 Jun 2019

Cybersecurity firm CrowdStrike made its successful Wall Street debut Wednesday. The company closed its trading with a share price of $58. Read More

What the rise of industrial IoT means for cybersecurity

By Andrew Howard 01 Jul 2019

As industrial IoT becomes widespread, warns Kudelski Security's Andrew Howard, it's critical to understand the threats connected industrial systems will face and how to mitigate Read More

4 steps to critical infrastructure protection readiness

By Ernie Hayden 24 Jun 2019

Government and private industry share responsibility for critical infrastructure and key resources protection. Follow four steps to understand and know who you're gonna call to protect CIKR. Read More

How can connected car security issues be detected and mitigated?

By Alexander M. Wyglinski 18 Apr 2019

IEEE senior member Alexander Wyglinski discusses why the vehicular tech industry needs to shift gears to put the brakes on connected car security threats. Read More