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Strategies for securing SharePoint in the Windows enterprise

11 May 2009

Although securing SharePoint may seem like a 500-piece puzzle, with many parts to keep track of, planning for security during the stages of SharePoint deployment can serve as the glue. Learn where to focus your ... Read More

SharePoint e-zine: Practical IT strategies for enterprise collaboration

23 Nov 2010

Have an irksome SharePoint implementation issue? Grappling with a SharePoint governance or management problem? Then check our monthly SharePoint e-zine. Its articles on governance, management and implementation ... Read More

The benefits of Microsoft Power Automate for content automation

By Jonathan Bordoli 24 Dec 2019

Microsoft Power Automate is a useful tool that businesses can use to incorporate automation into their organizations and minimize their use of manual content management processes. Read More

Carbonite Endpoint 360 protects and backs up Office 365 apps

By Sabrina Polin 16 Jul 2019

Carbonite Endpoint 360 brings data protection to Microsoft Office 365 applications and emphasizes the need to protect SaaS applications and cloud-stored data. Read More

What are best practices for archiving emails?

By Paul Kirvan 25 Sep 2019

Archiving email is crucial to the business continuity and disaster recovery process. For example, consider how cybersecurity and cloud storage can integrate with the archiving. Read More

AWS CEO Andy Jassy slams Microsoft over cloud-focused Windows Server licensing tweaks

By Caroline Donnelly 04 Dec 2019

AWS CEO Andy Jassy took to the stage at Re:Invent 2019 and slammed Microsoft for attempting to pull Windows Server customers back on to its cloud through its recent licensing tweaks Read More

Microsoft Teams platform emerges as training, governance opportunity

By John Moore 24 Jul 2019

Microsoft Teams governance, training and other services are emerging as business opportunities for channel partners working with Microsoft's collaboration platform. Read More

Alfresco cloud migration service moves content off premises

By Shaun Sutner 16 Jul 2019

With new cloud migration services, Alfresco promises to move content from IBM, SharePoint, Documentum and other legacy ECM systems to its cloud platform in a matter of weeks. Read More

Office 365 SharePoint Online features raise CIO concerns

By Reda Chouffani 17 Aug 2018

Most of Office 365's products can help solve specific challenges facing CIOs, but they also seem to compete directly with some of SharePoint's own capabilities. Read More

Commvault adds SaaS backup subsidiary Metallic

By Johnny Yu 14 Oct 2019

Metallic is a Commvault brand focused on delivering cloud-based SaaS backup, with separate products protecting servers and VMs, Office 365 and endpoints. Read More