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Alfresco cloud migration service moves content off premises

By Shaun Sutner 16 Jul 2019

With new cloud migration services, Alfresco promises to move content from IBM, SharePoint, Documentum and other legacy ECM systems to its cloud platform in a matter of weeks. Read More

Strategies for securing SharePoint in the Windows enterprise

11 May 2009

Although securing SharePoint may seem like a 500-piece puzzle, with many parts to keep track of, planning for security during the stages of SharePoint deployment can serve as the glue. Learn where to focus your ... Read More

SharePoint e-zine: Practical IT strategies for enterprise collaboration

23 Nov 2010

Have an irksome SharePoint implementation issue? Grappling with a SharePoint governance or management problem? Then check our monthly SharePoint e-zine. Its articles on governance, management and implementation ... Read More

Make the most of data governance capabilities in Office 365

By Rowena Lindsay 12 Jun 2019

According to a survey of Microsoft users, many companies are not using the data governance tools available in Office 365. John Peluso, CTO of AvePoint, explains why that might be. Read More

2019 trends in content management: Personalization, AI

By Shaun Sutner 18 Dec 2018

AI, personalization, open services platforms and vendor wars, content management software industry observers say, will be the top trends in 2019. Read More

Office 365 SharePoint Online features raise CIO concerns

By Reda Chouffani 17 Aug 2018

Most of Office 365's products can help solve specific challenges facing CIOs, but they also seem to compete directly with some of SharePoint's own capabilities. Read More

The 7 applications that impact employee experience the most

By Luke Marson 29 May 2019

HRIS platforms and online surveys are obvious vehicles for improving employee experience and engagement, but don't overlook collaboration, help desk and other tools of daily life. Read More

What's included in Microsoft 365 subscription plans

By Robert Sheldon 07 Mar 2019

Microsoft 365 has different plans for all kinds of businesses. Learn about the different subscription plans that this cloud-based platform offers. Read More

Cutting employees some Slack: The rise of messaging apps in retail

By Ben Sillitoe 04 Jun 2019

Slack’s 2019 stock market debut raises the profile of enterprise collaboration software, but what options do retailers have in this space and how are they using the technology? Read More

SaaS backup remains confusing to many

By Johnny Yu 16 Apr 2019

SaaS providers aren't backing up your data for you, and that creates confusion among many IT pros who assume their data is automatically protected in the cloud. Read More