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Data analytics might be the cure for enterprise content clutter

20 Jun 2014

The flow of data traveling into the enterprise today is largely unstructured, leaving companies with a vast amount of information to manage, archive and access. Data analytics promise to improve employee ... Read More

Office 365 telephony faces on-premises vs. cloud divide

By Luke O'Neill 24 Jun 2016

As Microsoft continues its foray into unified communications, Office 365 telephony, a cloud service, is not yet a full replacement for on-premises telephony systems. Read More

SharePoint Online vs. on-premises is already an outmoded question

By Shawn Shell 23 Oct 2014

Microsoft is staking its future in the cloud. But if you are weighing SharePoint Online vs. on-premises, here's how the two differ. Read More

2017 Impact Awards: Vote for the Best AWS Consultant/Partner

By Adam Hughes 25 Oct 2016

Here are the finalists for the Best AWS Consultant/Partner in the 2017 Impact Awards. Read More

ASEAN’s growing appetite for unified communications

By Aaron Tan 27 Mar 2018

Led by enterprises in Singapore and Malaysia, adoption of unified communications tools is expected to grow with the surge in demand for cloud-based and hosted offerings Read More

Microsoft Delve may drive demand for Office365

By Peter O'Kelly 01 Jun 2015

Microsoft Delve is touted as a hot new interface for SharePoint, but will users embrace it or find it intrusive? Read More

Backup product survey: Cloud and VM integration now table stakes

By Manek Dubash 22 Aug 2017

For enterprise backup, cloud integration and the ability to backup and be deployed in virtual machines as well as be controlled from the hypervisor are table stakes, along with data reduction and app-specific backup Read More

What if Microsoft split itself in two?

By Tim Mangan 15 Feb 2018

Many IT pros are frustrated by Microsoft's changes, so Tim Mangan contemplates a few radical solutions in this thought exercise. Read More

SharePoint workflow management: The little engine that could?

By Laura Aberle 25 Jun 2014

SharePoint BPM may be overshadowed by other BPM platforms, but its workflow management can bring efficiencies at a lower cost than its rivals. Read More

In the cloud, SharePoint WCM loses key functionality

By Laura Aberle 20 Jun 2014

SharePoint Online can be a simplified, lower-cost option for Web content management, but SharePoint WCM in the cloud lacks some of the important features of the on-premises platform. Read More