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How do SharePoint's BPM benefits measure up?

25 Jun 2014

SharePoint's strengths may lie in collaboration and content management, but how can enterprises tap into its oft-overlooked BPM benefits? Read More

Will a single cloud platform ever meet all business needs?

By Scott Robinson 11 Dec 2015

While companies have moved data and applications to the cloud, there is no single cloud platform that promises to suit all their needs. Read More

Veeam kicks off 2016 with V9 GA

By Sonia Lelii 18 Jan 2016

Veeam Software has started off the year by making Veeam Availability Suite 9 generally available to customers. The software has more than 250 features, according to Veeam. While the data protection ... Read More

What if Microsoft split itself in two?

By Tim Mangan 15 Feb 2018

Many IT pros are frustrated by Microsoft's changes, so Tim Mangan contemplates a few radical solutions in this thought exercise. Read More

The top ECM software stories of 2013

By Lauren Horwitz 02 Dec 2013

In 2013, readers wanted to know about ECM software, social media monitoring strategies, WCM strategies and the real deal on SharePoint 2013. Read More

Channel partnering moves abound at WPC 2016

By John Moore 15 Jul 2016

Channel partnering was front and center at Microsoft's Worldwide Partner Conference. Here's a brief sampling of new alliances and partnering moves. Read More

Collaboration: Building Yammer into a SharePoint world

06 May 2014

With market penetration of well over 100 million seats, SharePoint is a strategic investment for many organisations. Where does Yammer fit? Read More

Microsoft takes on Slack with new team chat app

By Katherine Finnell 04 Nov 2016

Microsoft has unveiled its new team chat app, Microsoft Teams. The app is built into Office 365 and looks to compete with Slack, Cisco Spark and Unify Circuit. Read More

Citrix Workspace brings contextual computing to application access

By Alyssa Provazza 23 May 2017

The new Citrix Workspace will give users access to apps -- and let IT enforce policies -- based on their device type, network, location and other factors. Read More

SharePoint social success starts with a collaborative culture

By Laura Aberle 15 Apr 2014

For SharePoint social features and other social collaboration tools to pay off, organizations need to build a culture in which sharing is rewarded. Read More