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Cloud, mobile up the ante for identity and access management strategy

By Lauren Horwitz 08 Apr 2014

An identity and access management strategy has become more essential for enterprises now that data resides in the cloud and on mobile devices. Read More

VeeamON puts ransomware, cloud DR, CDP on stage

By Paul Crocetti 24 May 2017

Microsoft, Quantum and DataGravity were among the Veeam partners offering new backup and recovery services at VeeamON. The products include tape and cloud data protection. Read More

Acronis Backup 12 adds support for Microsoft Azure, Amazon EC2

By Sonia Lelii 19 Jul 2016

Acronis backup software has a new central console for data protection and recovery across servers and mobile devices, including Microsoft Azure and Amazon EC2. Read More

Migrating to Office 365: The good, the bad and the ugly

By Peter O'Kelly 18 Feb 2016

Moving to Office 365 may not be easy, explains expert Peter O'Kelly. But in the end, users will have a tool they're familiar with and you may save money. Read More

Five key questions about social media monitoring and analytics

By Laura Aberle 22 May 2014

For companies that want to derive business value from social media monitoring and analytics, our expert has answers. Read More

Get to know mobile app dev tools from the major ISVs

By Eric Klein 13 Sep 2016

The big four independent software vendors -- IBM, Microsoft, Oracle and SAP -- are getting in on the mobile app dev game with new tools. There are several that IT pros can give a spin. Read More

EMC Syncplicity takes a wider view of file sharing with Panorama

By Sonia Lelii 11 Dec 2014

EMC Syncplicity adds Panorama for end users looking to manage online storage on mobile devices from multiple repositories. Read More

SharePoint Business Connectivity Services: Connecting the dots

By Scott Robinson 18 Dec 2013

SharePoint Business Connectivity Services integrates back-end data sources, even non-Microsoft ones. Read More

Dear Microsoft: Step up mobile SharePoint development

By Scott Robinson 04 Mar 2014

Microsoft has been dragged kicking and screaming into the mobile era, but it needs to step up mobile SharePoint development. Read More

SharePoint 2013 mobility boosts the bottom line, expert says

By Lauren Horwitz 14 Aug 2013

Microsoft was late to the party on enabling SharePoint for mobile. But SharePoint 2013 sports features that could boost worker productivity. Read More