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Open source no longer scares the enterprise

By Cliff Saran 27 Oct 2016

Open source breaks the rules on corporate procurement, but developers never play by the rules and now open source has sneaked in through the back door Read More

SharePoint 2013 migration revitalizes content accessibility

By Laura Aberle 28 Apr 2014

SharePoint 2013 search has improved, but content accessibility really lies in encouraging users to rethink information and its organization. Read More

How data governance software helps ensure the integrity of your data

By John Ladley 07 Jun 2016

While a data governance initiative comprises people, processes and technology, data governance software supplements and automates the processes the organization implements. Read More

Why it's finally time for Microsoft to buy Citrix. Here's our full analysis.

By Brian Madden 20 Oct 2015

There's been talk for years that Microsoft should buy Citrix. (2008, 2011) In the '90s, this was always counted with, "Why buy the cow when you get the milk for free? Read More

Extending on-premises software applications with SAP HCP

By Luke Marson 28 Jun 2016

HANA Cloud Platform isn't just for extending cloud apps. It's also effective for bringing the benefits of the cloud, modern UIs and mobility to hybrid environments. Read More

Combating SharePoint sprawl

By Scott Robinson 29 Aug 2013

SharePoint sprawl is a key reason why deployments go south. Combating sprawl and poor storage practices requires educating users. Read More

Tighter Yammer-Microsoft integrations mean a more social Office 365

By Gina Narcisi 13 Aug 2014

As Yammer's co-founder leaves the company, Microsoft plans to deepen the integration of Yammer with Office 365 and Outlook. Learn more about the Microsoft-Yammer social integration. Read More

IT preps for growth of video collaboration tools

By Ramin Edmond 22 Jul 2016

With video collaboration set to take off in the enterprise, IT departments will need to take precaution before adopting tools such as the new Microsoft Stream. Read More

From the Editors: Open source SharePoint 2010 collaboration savings

By Jonathan Gourlay 06 Sep 2012

SharePoint 2010 collaboration is helped by open source add-ons for groups with tight budgets, use a farm to backup data and tune SQL Server throughput. Read More

New WSO2 ESB aimed at enterprise mediation, integration and deployment

By Fred Churchville 09 Jun 2016

WSO2 has announced the upcoming release of WSO2 ESB 5.0. New features include embedded analytics, connectors for mobile and IoT, and better support for debugging and remediation. Read More